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(Pocket-lint) - Numerous societal changes over the past years have skyrocketed the importance of visual content. Due to the pandemic, remote work and e-learning have become commonplace, making it essential for everyone to deal with visual online material, conference recordings, and other audio/video tools. Handling audio/ video content isn’t merely left to professionals anymore - everyone must deal with video and audio files, whether to record meetings, edit/ share recordings with other team members, batch download or process various files, or upload content to YouTube and TikTok regularly.

When dealing with video and audio content, people regularly encounter a few problems. The audio and video files might be too large for easy handling and sharing, the formats could vary, and some video converters may leave watermarks. Furthermore, since all video platforms focus on a few key features, most content creators need to run the same videos through multiple tools and software to achieve the desired results. But what if you could handle everything - editing, converting, compressing, recording, downloading for all formats - from the same platform?


Wondershare UniConverter 14 is the ideal one-stop video and audio solution for all your creative needs. Whether you want to edit audio and video, convert various formats, compress file sizes, record videos, download videos, burn videos to DVDs, or share them, UniConverter 14 can handle everything. The all-new AI vocal enhancement feature makes it easier than ever to remove white noise and distractions or extract music from audio files. UniConverter 14 is a must-have video and audio software for all content creators.

Below, we describe how you can accelerate your creative process with UniConverter 14.

Separate vocals from background music

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Have you ever felt the urge to isolate the background music from a video recording? Perhaps you want to extract the background music from a particular scene in a movie. Or maybe you want to extract the vocal from an audio file, which would allow you to focus on the vocals. Until now, isolating background music from vocals and speech patterns has been difficult and nearly impossible for those without professional editing tools and training.

UniConverter 14 uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence capabilities to detect and isolate vocals from background music. The platform’s inbuilt artificial intelligence is uniquely trained on millions of audio files to recognize speech patterns and music. It can clearly and effectively isolate vocals from background music, following which you can download both as separate audio files. You don’t have to do much yourself - the AI tool handles it for you!

Eliminate white noise and background sounds

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One of the biggest problems while recording podcasts and videos is the prominence of background sounds and white noise. Not everyone has access to a sound-proof and acoustically monitored recording booth that delivers pristine audios. Most of us record content at home, outdoors, while travelling, in office spaces, and in other areas where background noise can’t be eliminated altogether. Background sounds can distract viewers from your content, making it hard to focus on the subject.

UniConverter 14 has an innovative vocal enhancement tool that eliminates excess noise from rain, wind, car, other people talking, etc. Whether you’re recording a TikTok video at home, a virtual meeting in your office, or a podcast with coworkers, the AI vocal enhancement tool is a must-have. Thanks to this tool, you can immediately enhance the vocals of the speakers and eliminate all background sounds, allowing people to focus on the primary content without distractions. Bonus: you don’t have to invest in expensive microphones for vocal isolation.

Convert 4K/8K HDR videos 50% faster

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Over the past years, the average space of audio and video files has ballooned considerably due to increased clarity and resolutions. These days, most high-quality videos are recorded in 4K and 8K HDR formats, which means a few minutes of video can take up several hundreds of gigabytes. With traditional video editing platforms, converting such large video and audio files can take hours. If you need to record and convert videos regularly, you don’t have hours to burn.

UniConverter 14 can convert 4K/8K HDR videos approximately 50 per cent faster than most other video editing platforms. It supports 4K/8K HDR HD video full-process GPU acceleration and multi-file GPU acceleration, which means you can convert multiple files simultaneously without serious lags. The accelerated GPU batch processing capability makes UniConverter 14 ideal for business marketers seeking to store e-learning videos and improve efficiency.

Support special encoding methods

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UniConverter 14 offers exclusive support for special encoding methods. The MKV, WEBM output format supports the AV1 encoding method, the MOV output format supports HEVC encoding, and the MP4 output format supports CFHD encoding. Furthermore, the MP4 (Alpha) and WEBM (Alpha) formats support Alpha transparent output and the corresponding encoding methods, such as CFHD, VP8, and VP9. These special encoding methods improve the efficiency of audio and video production, making the platform flexible, convenient, and accessible for everyone.

Edit, convert, compress, record, and download easily

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In addition to UniConverter 14’s special AI-enabled capabilities, you can also access a comprehensive suite of audio and video features. Traditional audio and video platforms can handle limited features. One platform may offer playback support and editing, another may offer recording and compressing features, another may allow you to download videos online, and another may allow you to record and edit videos. As such, most content creators need to use multiple audio and video platforms to handle comprehensive tasks.

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UniConverter 14 is an all-in-one audio and video suite that allows you to edit, convert, compress, record, download, and play videos across all formats. The following is an overview of UniConverter 14’s key features:

  • Convert high-quality videos with full GPU acceleration
  • Compression videos with optimal customization
  • Edit video and audio files
  • Record videos using the 1:1 screen recorder
  • Merge different videos and audios together
  • Play 1000+ formats, including RMVB, with the Wondershare HD Video Player
  • Download videos from 10000+ websites without sacrificing quality
  • Burn videos and audios into DVD files

Wondershare UniConverter 14 was released on 30 June 2022. But it’s already being hailed as one of the most advanced and comprehensive audio and video platforms on the market. Whether you’re a professional content creator or a novice, you can undoubtedly benefit from UniConverter 14’s comprehensive features.

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