All these incredible images were made by artificial intelligence

This image of a dog isn't a photo that a person took of their four-legged friend, it is instead an image made by AI.  (image credit: OpenAI)
Here the request was for an image of an astronaut, lounging in a tropical resort in space in a vaporware style.  (image credit: OpenAI)
Here the AI was tasked with creating an image of an astronaut playing basketball with casts in space but in the style of a children's book illustration.  (image credit: OpenAI)
These teddy bears aren't on a picnic but instead are doing underwater research on one 1990s tech.  (image credit: OpenAI)
Dall-e 2 is capable of creating all sorts of impressive images. Including astounding digital artwork of curious creatures.  (image credit: OpenAI)
Here's another image where Dall-e 2 was asked to create a photo. This time an Instagram-worthy shot of a delicious-looking bacon sandwich. (image credit: OpenAI)
We've all seen the incredible drawings and glyphs of ancient Egyptians but how surprised would you be to see this?  (image credit: OpenAI)
If you look too closely at some of these then you'll see some issues. Equally some of the AI-generated images could equally be taken on a shakey smartphone.  (image credit: OpenAI)
We're impressed by the level of fine detail Dall-e 2 can pull off, right down to tiny sales and impressive lighting reflections. (image credit: OpenAI)
Dall-e 2 certainly has some artistic flair and is able to create some great cartoon works. These are enjoyable and quirky.  (image credit: OpenAI)
It's likely the AI had a lot of cookie photos to learn from. But it's still impressive to see what it can do from a single request. (image credit: OpenAI)
Some of these images look like filters applied on social media. Here the request was for a Polaroid photo and that in itself adds to the believability. (image credit: OpenAI)
One of the less delicious food images that Dall-e 2 has created. This one shows "a bowl of soup that looks like a monster, knitted out of wool".  (image credit: OpenAI)
A little fluffy dog melded with the clouds crafted by artificial intelligence. Another one that could easily be seen as being made by a real person.  (image credit: OpenAI)
Imagine you could just pop in some words to get an idea of what new gadgetry might look like before you even tried to build it.  (image credit: OpenAI)
With all the photos that everyone posts online of their dogs it's no wonder that AI can create realistic images like this when asked to.  (image credit: OpenAI)
Neither this dog nor cat is real, and neither is their love for one another. (image credit: OpenAI)
When creating images Dall-e 2 also has to take into account the surroundings including shadows from a floating chair. (image credit: OpenAI)
This one looks like one of the cheesy stock images you'll see when searching for images about growing a business. (image credit: OpenAI)
This time Dalle-2 was asked to create a photo of a cow who also happened to be a hip-hop star creating a hit single in the studio. This cow is one cool dude.  (image credit: @Dalle2Pics)
We like this image because it's not just Lego, but it's also got a slight 3D look to it. Like you could pop on some 3D glasses and it would come to life.  (image credit: @Dalle2Pics)
Old meets new with an image of what looks like an ancient oil painting of one of our ancestors wearing a VR headset and going into the Metaverse.  (image credit: Dalle2Pics)
Dall-e 2 is a research project that's using AI to create original images based just on a text description input by a user. (image credit: OpenAI)