This AI is impressively turning words into images

If you've seen Stranger Things then you know what the Demogorgon is. This user has imagined that it likes to shoot some hoops when relaxing. (image credit: amm2altaccount/craiyon)
The thing we like about these AI generations is the number of different requirements you can add to your image request and still get included in the result.  (image credit: royal_rigolo/craiyon)
You've probably seen plenty of memes in the past of Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg but have you ever seen him as a dummy? (image credit: adamgough596/craiyon)
Now with the help of AI we can see what would happen if gamers took things a bit too far. (image credit: llamango/craiyon)
Is this what mother meant when she said we need to eat our greens? If you don't they'll go nuclear. (image credit: thmztk/craiyon)
We've seen a fair few special events in Fortnite over the last few years. Seeing the Hindenburg disaster recreated in game would be a weird one. (image credit: AnbuWeegee/craiyon)
We enjoy seeing people making fictional characters come to life with real-world activities. (image credit: FoxComm/craiyon)
Some court hearings can't have cameras in and require an artist's rendering of what happened. This AI image fits that perfectly. (image credit: angelfacepeanut/craiyon)
If you haven't got a real game of connect four then why not make your own? We'd imagine this would be messy, but at least you could eat it afterwards.  (image credit: rozenfracture/craiyon)
Some of these AI creations are a bit more abstract than others, but to be fair the concept of this one was pretty abstract to begin with.  (image credit: No_Driver995/craiyon)
The Egyptians had some interesting artwork and many already believe they were aliens so it's perfectly reasonable to see a likeness of Deep Punk on their walls. (image credit: Key_Chocolate_1417/craiyon)
One day our food is very likely to be 3D printed. But would you eat pasta from your Brother or HP printer? (image credit: a3r0/craiyon)
It seems like the AI has a hard time with skulls and skeleton bones but at least it's tried to create the right feeling here.  (image credit: lilac_whine/craiyon)
Some of these AI creations are terrifying. Here someone has requested a view of a Teletubby that's been both rusted and covered in barnacles. (image credit: TittyRotater/craiyon)
We like that it started out like a SpaceX rocket next to the towering clock but eventually transformed into Big Ben being the rocket itself.  (image credit: IAmSte12/craiyon)
We imagine if you tried to catch Sonic the Hedgehog on a trail cam you'd likely just get a blue blur dashing by or perhaps he's be surprised. (image credit: shoopdahoop22/craiyon)
If Darth Vader had to go for a MRI scan would he keep his helmet on? Or would the attending clinical staff dare to ask him to remove it? (image credit: DM_me_fun_stuff_pls/craiyon)
We love this one on multiple levels, not just because of the AI created artwork but also due to the concept of Snoopy suing Snoop. Amusing stuff.  (image credit: something800/craiyon)
We're not sure that Monet would know what a Dumpster was but we like how well the AI has translated his style into a modern image.  (image credit: nrperez/craiyon)
Another artist has had their style recreated by AI. We feel like this might actually be the most accurate recreation the AI is capable of.  (image credit: WormTop/craiyon)
DALL-E 2 and DALL-E mini are whipping up a storm online. We've collected some examples to show you the most remarkable, amusing and impressive images created. (image credit: WormTop/craiyon)