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(Pocket-lint) - VPNs are used not only for entertainment. Businesses also take advantage of these services to secure access to their internal networks.

With the advent of remote work, more employees are now connecting from outside the organization’s perimeter. While this greatly increases the flexibility of the whole workspace, it does increase the number of risks an organization is facing.

A trustworthy VPN can better secure your connection to your company network against external threats. It’s also one of the most cost-effective methods to set up even when you have a lot of remote employees.

We’ve picked the best five business VPN services that will level up your organization’s security status.

The best business VPNs 2022

1. NordLayer - champion of consumer and business markets

A business product from the NordVPN team, NordLayer offers service that extends far beyond standard VPN capabilities. The service provides a complete Secure Service Edge suite with cloud VPN as one example of their offerings. Their package is built on a zero-trust network access framework with increased data access controls.

Secure Web Gateways allow network administrators to segment their network to ensure that your internal data is only accessible to authorized users. It’s their layered security approach.

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NordLayer doesn’t need you to introduce additional hardware and is fully available as a software-only solution. With a secure plug-and-play remote access setup, you’re introducing more flexibility to your employees without compromising security.

Speaking of which, you can tweak it in greater detail. Authorization can be reinforced by adding two-factor authentication, single sign-on, and biometric authentication. As for the network itself, you can toggle jailbroken device detection and threat block, to name a few of their features.

The service is available in three subscription plans: Basic, Advanced, and Custom. No matter your specific business case, you’ll find a plan that works for you.

2. Perimeter 81 - advanced capabilities for enterprise users

Perimeter 81 offers flexible VPN service for office and remote employees alike. Its suite is extensive enough to be useful in various scenarios with powerful customization capabilities.

Their service is compliant with zero trust network requirements. Each user has to go through specific authorization and re-authentication each time a new data is requested. When applied, Perimeter 81 tools can truly make a difference when strengthening business cyber security setup.

If your organization is looking for a highly customized setup, Perimeter 81 offers network-building capabilities. It makes it possible to deploy customized security setups addressing particular regulatory compliance requirements. You can also choose from features like custom DNS and authentication customization to further increase your enterprise’s security.

On the other hand, Perimeter 81 might not be a perfect fit if you need an easy plug-and-play solution. Not to mention that when stacked against the competition, they don’t necessarily have more features for all use cases. This can push the potential customers away as their price is also on the higher side.

3. Twingate - good traditional VPN alternative

Twingate goes far beyond a definition of a typical VPN provider. It’s a zero-trust network offering a wide spectrum of connectivity controls. No component within their framework can individually do anything unless confirmation is granted. Such an approach can have tremendous data security benefits with detailed specifications on what resources can be accessed.

This is achieved through discretion - Twingate is the least in your face software on this list. It was intended to run from the background doing its share of work without interrupting your actual tasks. There’s no need to worry that its notifications will pop up during important meetings.

In addition, it also makes IT administrators’ jobs a lot easier with a streamlined overview of the company’s network. The whole deployment, including setup on employees’ devices, can be done in minutes.

Your transition from the currently used solution is made easier by the documentation they have on their website. As they don’t provide any other customer support options, this is the only help you will be able to get. We hope that they introduce a fully-fledged live chat down the line.

Price-wise, it's one of the most friendly providers ‘per user’. So if you have a small team, it’s a good idea to consider Twingate.

4. TorGuard - standard business VPN package

TorGuard is one of the best-known consumer VPN providers. Their business option capitalizes on the areas they do well and adapts it to the enterprise setting. TorGuard Business VPN leverages the same infrastructure, allowing users to set up their servers.

There will be plenty of servers to choose from and with consistent speeds no matter where your business is. It’s one of the biggest server fleets that a business VPN provider offers.

When setting up your TorGuard server, each business account is assigned a dedicated account manager if you run into any problems. You’ll always have someone to reach out to if something goes wrong.

Security-wise, business TorGuard VPN isn’t much different from their consumer option. Their VPN tunnels are encrypted with a 256-bit AES cipher. You can set up various tunneling protocols to match your needed security level. You’ll be able to safely access your internal resources no matter where you’re connecting from.

TorGuard is available in three different price tiers, including a custom one. Different plans have a different amount of available user accounts, so they should be picked according to the size of your organization.

5. VyprVPN - classic small business VPN client

VyprVPN is a hugely popular consumer VPN service. Its business counterpart is as impressive when it comes to connection security.

All connections between VyprVPN servers and your devices are encrypted with military-grade AES-256 cipher and a wide palette of tunneling protocols.

One of VyprVPN’s unique selling points is that the provider owns all of its servers. Most competitors are just renting them from data centers. This gives VyprVPN unparalleled control into their fleet, which does help keep the security in check.

All business VyprVPN subscriptions also come with a dedicated account manager. The deal also includes 24/7 tech support. You’ll always have channels to get in touch with customer support agents if you need assistance.

Regarding the plans, VyprVPN comes in two options: Business and Business Cloud. The former option only offers multiple user management from a single dashboard, while the latter includes a dedicated IP and a dedicated server.

All business plans are on the pricier side, and adding additional users costs extra. If you’re looking for a moderately priced business VPN, VyprVPN likely will be above your budget.

How to choose the best VPN for business

The primary criteria for choosing a business VPN should be security. Strong encryption and secure tunneling protocols will help you keep your internal business network airtight. Some services also add quite a bunch of additional features. They may directly contribute to the security of your connection or use additional verification methods to deter the attackers.

Everything else depends on your team and its VPN use cases. If your team relies on multiple devices, you may need more simultaneous connections. If it’s very large, you might find it more beneficial to segment your network. The bottom line is that you should be looking for a service that addresses your real-life business needs.