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One of the main benefits of a gold individual retirement account (IRA) is that you don’t have to worry about the market’s ups and downs. 

Gold is an extremely stable asset, and a gold IRA provides a stable, secure place for your money. Gold has a long history of stability, and it’s one of the only assets that have been considered a reliable store of value

That's why a gold IRA has proven to be one of the best ways to preserve your money for the future. 

Finding the right gold IRA company to work with is the only problem. There are so many options available and, especially if you're new to this space, you might not even know what to look for. 

Have no fear though! We've put together a tidy list summarizing the best gold IRA companies in the gold IRA industry, rating them based on benchmarks like: 

  • Storage options
  • Fee structures
  • Customer support levels
  • Minimum investment fees
  • Security

And more. 

So before you start calling around, read through our guide and learn about some of your options. 

Best Gold IRA Companies in 2022

  1. Goldco: Best gold IRA company overall
  2. Birch Gold Group: Most reputable gold IRA custodian
  3. Augusta Precious Metals: Excellent customer service
  4. Noble Gold: Low minimum investment rate
  5. Regal Assets: Most investment options

1. Goldco - Best gold IRA company overall


  • Great customer support options
  • Low fees
  • Low-cost storage facilities for precious metals
  • Customizable storage options 


  • High minimum deposit - $25,000
  • You can’t set up an account online 

Goldco is a top-rated precious metals IRA that has been in the business for more than a decade. 

It’s a no-nonsense, easy-to-setup service, replete with a wide range of options to customize its services to your liking. The owners are veterans of the precious metals industry and have a strong interest in helping new clients make accounts painlessly.

What makes Goldco so great? 

Well, for one thing, they’re really good at customer service. Goldco is known for being very responsive and helpful when it comes to setting up your account. The application process is simple and painless, and they’re very supportive. 

They’re also extremely proactive, responding to any questions you may have in a timely manner. If you have any issues with the service, they’ll be very quick to respond. 

To get started with Goldco, simply visit their website and follow the instructions you find there. One of their representatives will reach out to you and give you more details about the process, as well as explain their terms and conditions. 

Customer Service: 5/5

This is one of Goldco's specialities. They're very open to new clients and have an extensive list of investment options. 

They offer inexpensive storage facilities for precious metals, straightforward account setup, and other low-cost options. Goldco’s top-notch customer support is available 24/7, and they have a detailed knowledge of the industry. 

Their customer support specialists have an excellent reputation in the industry. They're eager to provide learning resources to help you educate yourself on the ins and outs of the industry, and they even run an active and informative blog on their website. 

Expenses and Fees: 5/5

Goldco’s fees aren’t the lowest in the industry, but they’re very competitive. They charge a one-time setup fee of $50 for your gold IRA, as well as $100 annually for storage. That said, your fees are waived for the first year if you make an initial deposit of at least $50,000, which brings us to another point.

The initial deposit fee of $25,000 can feel relatively steep, but it's actually a lot less than most of its competitors. 

That makes Goldco an excellent option for first-time clients, which is one of the markets that they focus on. Indeed, Goldco is an excellent option for protecting your savings in the event of rapid inflation or some other financial crisis. 

Storage Options: 5/5

This gold IRA company offers low-cost storage facilities for precious metals. 

Goldco will store your precious metals in a third-party vault, using only secure and approved depositories. 

They offer both segregated and non-segregated vaults for your gold, meaning that you can choose whether to receive back the exact same deposit that you put in or a different unit of gold.

That obviously makes no difference if you're just depositing generic gold bullion, but if you have unique gold coins to preserve, you'll want segregated storage and the fact that Goldco offers it is a great advantage. 

Goldco by default uses the non-segregated Delaware Depository for storage.

It's a state-of-the-art facility, but you can choose other storage sites if you want to keep your metals segregated. 

The company recommends that you choose a Self-Directed IRA as your custodian, but you can choose your own as well as your own storage facility, so long as it meets the standards for IRA depositories. 

2. Birch Gold Group - Top gold IRA company for customer support


  • Prioritizes customer education
  • Offers educational resources
  • No fees if you transfer more than $50,000 in the first year 
  • Strong reputation 
  • Available 24/7


  • High minimum investment
  • There could be some hidden fees involved - ask first! 

What's Birch Gold Group? If you have any knowledge of the gold IRA industry, you've already heard their name. 

They've been around for nearly 20 years. Birch has a custom-built department for gold IRA clients, aimed especially at providing high-quality consultations and training courses. 

Plus, they're open 24/7, so you can contact them anytime and get the answers to your questions. 

In addition to gold, Birch also works with silver and palladium-based retirement accounts. Even if you plan to start with a gold IRA, Birch's wider range of options can make them a good choice if you intend to diversify your physical assets in the future. 

Moreover, their dedication to customer education and long-term asset preservation can’t be underestimated.

Customer Service: 4.9/5

Birch Gold Group prides itself on providing excellent customer service. They have an entire team of specialists, all of whom are experienced in their fields and ready to help. But they also make sure that their clients are well-informed. 

Each client is assigned a financial adviser who can help you with everything from your initial investment to your portfolio's management. They also offer free training to help you understand the basics of gold investment and how to use it to your advantage.

In terms of the service itself, Birch Gold Group has a unique online portal where you can view your investments, receive reports, and monitor your portfolio. You can even download reports to your computer and then use them to create your own customized portfolios. 

Expenses and Fees: 4.8/5

As with other options on this list, setting up a gold IRA with Birch Gold Group will only set you back a paltry $50. There's an additional $30 to transfer your money, and from there, you can expect to pay $100 annually for storage and $80 annually for custodial management.

These fees are waived with an initial deposit of up to $50,000, but that's where things get interesting. 

Birch Gold Group's minimum IRA investment is substantially less than what you would pay at its competitors, clocking in at $10,000. 

For all that, there could definitely be more transparency about their pricing online, and you'll have to ask your Birch representative about hidden fees that aren't mentioned there. 

Storage Options: 5/5

You have two basic storage options when you work with the Birch Gold Group: Delaware Depository or Brink's Global Services. 

The Delaware Depository is, no pun intended, the gold standard depository used by many gold IRA companies, whereas Brink's Global Services is actually staffed by an army of armoured vehicles that transport your gold. 

That's the same company that many banks and high-priced jewellers employ to run their merchandise. They're secure, mobile, and headquartered at a number of locations in major U.S. cities. 

Best of all, both of these companies assume full liability for any loss or damage that occurs with your precious assets, so you can feel at ease working with them when you partner with the Birch Gold Group. 

3. Augusta Precious Metals - Most reputable precious metals IRA


  • Superb reputation for customer support 
  • Competitive prices
  • Lifetime service provider
  • Easy to setup 


  • High minimum deposit - $50,000
  • No option to set an account up online

Augusta Precious Metals is another old-timer in the gold IRA industry, and when you visit their website, what stands out most is their commitment to values. 

They want to be a lifetime service provider to discerning clients. 

These include people who know the value of their savings, enjoy a high degree of financial literacy, and want transparency and accountability from their gold IRA provider. That's good news for Augusta Precious Metals because they really do live up to that mission statement. 

Their website is also well-organized, and they have a wealth of information on gold and silver bullion, as well as gold IRA investing. 

Their homepage is clear and easy to navigate, and their articles are informative and well-written. They also offer a blog and an active social media presence. 

Customer Service: 5/5

In terms of sheer customer service reputation, Augusta Precious Metals is probably the best in our lineup. 

Their initial consultation with a representative is free, the account is easy to create, and they offer 24-hour, lifetime support options. Each department at Augusta is specialized to assist with a different aspect of gold IRA service, so no matter the issue or question that you have - there's an agent who can work with you.

Moreover, the company prides itself on one-to-one customer interaction, working side by side with an agent whom you'll get to know during your tenure with the company. 

And Augusta intends for that tenure to last as long as you want, even the rest of your life if you so choose. Their customer support options are certainly strong enough to back up that promise. 

Expenses and Fees: 4.9/5

Augusta Precious Metals is competitively priced compared to others in the gold IRA company market. 

They deal only in gold and silver, and their prices are based on market valuations that can change from one day to the next. Although the company does charge a little more than market value for their services (about a 5% increase), it's very minimal compared to the quality of service that you receive from them. 

Setting up your gold IRA account with Augusta will cost you a mere $50. There's also a $100 storage fee at their depository and an additional $80 for the custodial fee. 

Although these prices are the same as Goldco's, what'll really set you back is the $50,000 minimum initial deposit, which is more than Goldco's $25,000. But you also get a lot of service in return — Augusta intends to provide a lifetime of customer support, and they offer a wide range of IRA services, including IRA rollover. 

Storage Options: 4.9/5

Of course, the whole point of a gold IRA is safe storage at a secure depository, and Augusta Precious Metals doesn't disappoint. 

They offer 12 depositories to choose from spread across 10 states, each equipped with a vault, a secure computer network, and an experienced staff of custodians

Although they're not directly tied to Augusta (as required by law), each of these facilities is heavily fortified and maintain strict control on who can access the building. Your deposits are insured for up to $1 billion, and, of course, you're welcome to pay them a visit and see your gold in person whenever you want.  

4. Noble Gold - Low starting rate precious metals IRA account


  • Texas-based storage option 
  • Includes rare coins as part of their catalogue
  • Low minimum investment for a gold IRA - $2000 


  • Haven't been in business as long as some of their competitors 
  • Not as highly rated by the Better Business Bureau

Noble Gold starts with a “noble” mission statement. Right away they tell you that their primary goal is wealth preservation

They serve customers who have a long-term view of their investments, and they don't just want to make money off your assets. They want to help you achieve your financial goals. 

Noble Gold's intention is to build a long-term relationship with their clients and to make sure that they're not only investing in gold but in something that will provide a long-term return. 

The good news is that they’re really committed to their clients. The company holds their clients to a high standard and they even offer an entire department dedicated to customer satisfaction and education -  essentially a full-service investment advisory for gold assets.

Even though they're one of the newer companies on this list, Noble Gold has a solid track record and a great reputation. They make it a point to avoid annoying "hard" sales tactics, and they're always willing to buy back gold if plans change. That's a convenient option that lets you invest with confidence. 

Customer Service: 4.8/5

Noble Gold, like many others in this field, puts a lot of attention into customer education and financial literacy. 

The gold IRA company offers a number of educational materials and courses you can take, as well as full-service assistance from a dedicated team of support personnel once you've contracted their services. 

Noble Gold makes it easy to roll over your gold IRA if you already have one, and they place special emphasis on providing you with retirement options. 

One of the unique offerings that set Noble Gold apart is its Royal Survival Packs. These are essentially bundles of bullion that range in value depending on the initial investment. It's meant to provide you with more financial diversity and security in the event of a disaster. 

More than that, it shows where Noble Gold's priorities lie - helping you get the most out of your time with them. 

Signing up with Noble Gold IRA couldn't be easier. 

The ball starts rolling with an online form that you fill out, and then one of their reps will quickly get in touch with you. 

Noble Gold also guarantees that you can get set up with a gold IRA account within 24 hours of contacting them. 

Expenses and Fees: 4.7/5

Coming in at just $2,000, Noble Gold's minimum gold IRA investment is competitive, to say the least. 

They also charge no fee at all to set up your IRA, but their storage fees are a little higher than the competition - $150 a year if you want segregated storage at their flagship depository in Texas. The custodial fee is just $80 per year - which compares favourably with their competitors. 

Storage Options: 4.8/5

Noble Gold has an exclusive relationship with the International Depository Services that allows them to set up a high-security depository native to the state of Texas. 

They're one of the few gold IRA companies that can make a claim like that - the IDS only ever used the much more well-known Delaware Depository before Noble Gold came along. If you happen to find yourself in the state of Texas, you'll enjoy the added bonus of having your gold IRA nearby. 

If you're outside of Texas, you can still work with Noble Gold, but keep in mind that other gold IRA companies might have more storage options available for you. 

5. Regal Assets - Offers plenty of other investment options


  • More investment options 
  • Easy to create an account & get started
  • Offer segregated storage 


  • Their focus isn’t exclusive to gold 
  • Rolling over an existing IRA can take months 

Regal Assets targets its services toward anyone interested in protecting and growing their wealth. 

They’ve been in business for a decade and have earned a strong reputation for their commitment to customer satisfaction and first-class storage options. In addition to gold IRAs, they also offer silver, platinum, and palladium - making them a solid option for anyone interested in expanding their asset portfolio down the road.

The company’s stated goal is to simplify and rejuvenate the gold IRA industry. Their unique package, Regal IRA, actually gives you the option of diversifying your gold investment into precious metals or cryptocurrency, which is an up-and-coming asset class that many still haven’t heard of. 

Like some others in this space, it contracts with the Brinks company to provide storage for your most valuable assets. 

With a AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance, you can feel confident that you’re making a great choice when you work with Regal Assets gold IRA. 

Customer Service: 4.9/5

Regal Assets hasn't been in business as long as some of its competitors, but it boasts an impressive list of accolades despite that. 

There's a legion of satisfied reviews on all the most trusted customer review sites, and nearly all of them are quick to point out how amicable and helpful their customer support agents are. 

Even when they do report a problem, they usually take care to add that Regal Assets was on the ball about making it right with them. By all accounts, they're very fast about answering any questions or complaints. 

Moreover, Regal Assets has a very good reputation for having only been in business a decade. They're part of the Forbes Finance Council and have received glowing mentions in major financial news applications, including SmartMoney and Forbes. 

Expenses and Fees: 4.7/5

Regal Assets is well in line with their competition in terms of their fee structure, although they're not the absolute best in this category. You can expect to pay $250 per year for storage - $150 for the segregated storage and another $100 for custodial maintenance. 

They also require a minimum initial IRA investment of $10,000.

Storage Options: 4.8/5

Regal Assets contracts with Brinks for its gold IRA storage, which we've already seen is one of the most secure and highly praised depository companies in the industry. 

They also offer a bevvy of segregated storage options, making this gold IRA company a great option if you have rare or unique metals you want to preserve. 

Best gold IRA companies - the takeaway

The best gold IRA company for you depends on so many factors it's hard to make an accurate prediction. 

Even your physical location in the country can make a difference in your decision. Needless to say, there are a lot of fine options on the table. 

The best gold IRA companies such as Goldco and Birch Gold Group offer great advantages, such as unbeatable customer service, security, and competitive fees.

We wish you the best of luck!

Disclosure: The owners of this content may be paid to recommend the following gold IRA companies. The content on this website, including any positive reviews of Goldco Direct, Birch Gold Group, and other reviews, may not be neutral or independent.