Games like Wordle: Top alternatives and spinoff word games

While you wait for the next Wordle to drop, you can feed your addiction to word games by playing fun Wordle alternatives. (image credit: Pocket-lint)
It's Wordle with a battle royale. (image credit: Squabble)
Imagine Wordle but with only bad words. (image credit: Lewdle)
Wordle in a crossword format. (image credit: Crosswordle)
Wordle, but you guess places in the world. (image credit: Worldle)
A remake with unlimited games. (image credit: Word Master)
What if you could guess 11-letter words? (image credit: Hello Wordl)
It's an adversarial version of Wordle. (image credit: Absurdle)
Wordle using only words from LOTR text. (image credit: Lordle of the Rings)
Wordle, but with prime numbers. (image credit: Primel)
Wordle, with math and stuff. (image credit: Nerdle)