These images were made with AI and just a few words

This website allows you to make images in a matter of seconds that are crafted by AI and based on the words you type. Simple and intriguing. (image credit: Artflow)
We can certainly see some of Rick and Morty's mad scientist in the final product here.  (image credit: Artflow)
We like this one because it's as if the AI was attempting to paint Clint Eastwood from memory, but couldn't quite remember what he looked like. (image credit: Artflow)
Those are some seriously green eyes. It's easy to see this portrait as being a devil as you could easily get lost in those intriguing pools of green.  (image credit: Artflow)
Someone has tried to see what would happen if Half-Life protagonist Gordon Freeman was a Star Wars character. No crowbar, but still pretty familiar.  (image credit: Artflow)
Here's a fairly sinister-looking portrait of The Joker. The smiling face hiding a world of pain and mental anguish.  (image credit: Artflow)
It isn't just humans the AI is good at creating either. It can also create portraits of mythical beings too.  (image credit: Artflow)
The AI is pretty good at working with descriptive terms. This Elf, for example, is particularly grumpy. (image credit: Artflow)
This was the result from the words "graphics card". The human representation of a GPU seems a bit embarrassed with rosy red cheeks. (image credit: Artflow)
We imagine that the AI must be a fan of Intel with all the blue in this image. Blue hair, blue background, team blue. Makes sense. (image credit: Artflow)
You can already see how arty the images are. So we thought it would be fun to suggest the next image was made with pastel colours.  (image credit: Artflow)
Ever wondered what an Apple iPhone might look like if it was a person? Now you need to wonder no longer. (image credit: Artflow)
Of course, we had to see what the AI would come up with if we used our own name sake. (image credit: Artflow)
When we typed "augmented reality" into the generation box we were hoping for something futuristic, but we suppose this image still works as a vision of AR.  (image credit: Artflow)
The AI did a good job of creating a man that looks like a Medieval cyborg in all fairness. (image credit: Artflow)
If the world wide web had a face, what would it look like? This AI seems to think it might be heavily scarred. (image credit: Artflow)
For a "rainy day" the artificial intelligence crafted an image of a depressed-looking chap drenched to the bone in miserable weather.  (image credit: Artflow)
We were wondering what the AI might think of future plans. Turns out they're quite worn down, broken and battered. (image credit: Artflow)
We're often on the look out for new patents on exciting future technologies, but we've certainly never seen a Samsung patent that looks like this. Or have we?  (image credit: Artflow)