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(Pocket-lint) - There’s a common (and dangerous) misconception that investment is hyper-complicated or only reserved for wealthy people. The average French individual lacks financial education - the schooling system doesn’t teach people how to invest intelligently or make money grow. As a result, most people can’t make intelligent savings and investments to grow their personal wealth.

Most French people are misguided into overly simple investment choices, such as Livret A. The interest rate of Livret A is lower than the rate of inflation. The money you’re saving in Livret A is in a constant state of devaluation, meaning it makes you lose your hard-earned money in the long run.

However, Mon Petit Placement is here to simplify the investment process. Thanks to this online platform, anyone can access the investment tools and information generally reserved for wealthy individuals or financial experts. This is an efficient platform that allows you to make the best investment choices according to your unique needs.

You can boost your money, starting from €300, in less than 10 minutes using Mon Petit Placement - although it's important to state that there are still risks.

What is Mon Petit Placement?

Mon Petit Placement is a simple, innovative, and unique investment platform. You can open your account online and start investing within 10 minutes. You only need €300 to start investing, which means you can even start after your first paycheck! The process is so simple that it can be done from your bed - you don’t need to visit bankers or financial analysts.

Tailor-made investments driven by financial advisers

Mon Petit Placement offers suitable investment choices for everyone, from novices to experts. If you’re new to investment, the platform advises you on the best investment practices according to your unique goals. The platform is driven by financial advisers who can offer their support, recommending tailor-made investment strategies based on your goals. You can also contact the advisers seven days a week by phone, email, or live chat.

High-end investments and optimal security

Mon Petit Placement gives you access to high-end investments that have been individually selected from financial experts from JPMorgan, Pictet, Lazard, and other such institutions. You can invest in stocks, bonds, or other types of assets. Furthermore, the platform works with reliable insurers, such as Generali and Apicil, so you can rest assured that your investments are completely safe.

Win-win relationship with performance-based remuneration

Mon Petit Placement follows a performance-based remuneration, which means it only collects commission fees from actualized investments. That means the platform will only charge a commission when your investments start performing. You can also withdraw your money whenever you want — there are no limits or restrictions imposed.

Invest according to your values and interests

Mon Petit Placement allows you to filter potential assets and investments based on topics of interest, such as healthcare, technology, climate, equality, etc. This allows you to make intelligent investments in line with your personal values and interests. You can also contact the platform’s financial advisers for recommendations about the ideal investments for your interests and goals. As such, the entire investment experience is personalized for you.

Benefits of Mon Petit Placement:

  • Start with only €300
  • Start investing within 10 minutes
  • Trusted by thousands of users
  • Access financial products generally reserved for the rich
  • Tailor-made investment recommendations based on your profile
  • No need to visit bankers or financial advisers
  • Ideal platform for investment novices
  • Extremely scalable for experts
  • Invest seamlessly and conveniently from home
  • Every resident (except those in the US) can subscribe to Mon Petit Placement

How to Start with Mon Petit Placement?

Mon Petit Placement is an extremely easy investment platform to use, so you can create a profile and start your first investment within 10 minutes. The following is a simple, step-by-step overview of starting investments with this platform:

  • Go to monpetitplacement.fr
  • Click on “Je démarre” and complete the online form to determine your investment profile
  • The Mon Petit Placement team will advise you on a custom-made investment strategy
  • Validate your account
  • You can now start investing!

The prospect of starting investments can fill most people with dread, usually because of numerous misconceptions about what investments entail. However, investing is essential for everyone because it allows you to maximize your savings, protect your assets, and grow your personal wealth. Mon Petit Placement simplifies the process with an intuitive, easy-to-use process.

If you’re prepared to start investing, you can register with the code POCKET to enjoy a 30% discount on your performance commissions for the first year!

*This article does not constitute financial advice, and individuals should always invest within their means.