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(Pocket-lint) - Everyone knows that managing and transferring content between Android phones and Windows computers can be a little cumbersome. It seems Android phones just haven’t caught up to our ultra-wireless and seamless expectations. But Droid Transfer is a unique Windows application that can fix that problem, simplifying and streamlining the entire Android-to-Windows content management and transfer process.

What is Droid Transfer?

Droid Transfer is a unique Windows application that works in collaboration with a free Transfer Companion app on Android. When you have the Transfer Companion app installed on your phone, you can use Droid Transfer to seamlessly and effortlessly transfer SMS, pictures, contacts, messages, and much more from your Android phone to your computer via your local WiFi network or a USB cable.

After connecting your Android phone to your Windows computer via WiFi or a USB cable, you can backup and print SMS messages in a format of your choice, copy music from your phone to your computer, sync your iTunes library to your phone and much more. This is currently one of the most efficient means of connecting your Android phone and Windows computer.

Droid Transfer’s most notable features

Save & Print Messages

Droid Transfer allows you to seamlessly transfer SMS and MMS  messages from your Android phone to your computer. You can save the messages in a wide range of formats, including Text, HTML, or PDF — the messages are saved with dates and times, and all emojis are intact. You can also directly print the messages.

Manage Photos

Droid Transfer allows you to transfer photos from your Android phone to your computer, or from your computer to your phone if you prefer. Furthermore, it includes the intelligent “Save New Photos” feature, which allows you to only save pictures that haven’t yet been backed up previously. You can also view your entire gallery of photos within the software and delete unwanted pictures directly from the software.

Sync Music

Droid Transfer can transfer music from your phone to your computer with a single click. You can also sync your iTunes with your Android phone, which is ideal for those transitioning from an iPhone to an Android phone. Furthermore, this software can automatically sync the music folders on your phone and computer, ensuring they’re kept up to date.

Transfer Contacts

You can transfer all of the contacts from your Android phone to your computer. The contacts can be saved as vCard files, where they can be compatible with Windows Contacts and Outlook. You can also save them as CSV files, wherein the contact information is listed out in a spreadsheet. The software also allows you to backup your Android device contacts and restore them on another Android device, as well as to add, edit and delete contacts from your PC.

Share Files

Droid Transfer gives you the complete freedom to manage all of the files on your Android phone via your computer. You can browse your file libraries, copy files, save them to your computer, delete unwanted files, and transfer files from your computer to the phone. This is an incredibly convenient means of managing your Android files.

Copy Calendars

Droid Transfer allows you to backup your Android phone’s calendar on your computer. You can also send the calendar to your Outlook, from which you can save them on another phone. This feature ensures you never lose your essential appointments if something happens to your phone.

Backup Call Logs

Android phones can only store a maximum of 500 call logs, i.e., information about the date and duration of calls sent and received from various numbers. Droid Transfer allows you to export all of these call logs to your computer, so you always have access to them, and there’s no risk of the information being overwritten.

Connect Droid Transfer via WiFi or USB cable

One of the best aspects of Droid Transfer is that it simplifies the connection between your Android phones and Windows PCs. You have to install Droid Transfer on your Windows PC and install Transfer Companion on your Android phone (from the Google Play Store). You can now connect the two via your local WiFi network or via a USB cable.

For WiFi connections, ensure your PC and Android phone are connected to the same WiFi network. When you access the Droid Transfer software, you’ll receive a QR code that you can scan with your phone. You can now transfer content from your Android phone to your Windows. Alternatively, you can connect the two via a USB cable after changing some settings.

In both cases, installing and using Droid Transfer is incredibly easy. If you’re looking for a simple means of managing your phone’s content, we highly recommend exploring this application.