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(Pocket-lint) - You might need a Covid pass for some venues, events or for travelling purposes. The pass either indicates you are double vaccinated, or it proves you have a negative PCR test or you have recorded a negative lateral flow on the Government's website within the last 48 hours.

If you're wondering how to get a NHS Covid Pass on your phone and download a PDF of the pass, you're in the right place as we will walk you through it. We also have a separate feature on how to add the pass to your Apple Wallet if you are an iPhone user.

How to get an NHS Covid Pass

You need to be 16 or over to get an NHS Covid Pass for travel, while those 18 years and older can use a digital NHS Covid Pass for events and venues.

As mentioned, you need to be either double vaccinated to get an NHS Covid Pass, or you need to have recorded a negative result within the last 48 hours. For those opting for vaccination status route, you need to have been vaccinated in England, Wales or Isle of Man. Those vaccinated in Scotland need to live in England and be registered with a GP in England.

You can use the main NHS app (different to the track and trace app) to get a Covid Pass, or you can use the NHS website. You'll need an NHS login for both, which you can setup at the time, but the NHS website recommends doing it two weeks before you need the pass.

To create an NHS login, you will need your NHS number and you'll need to enter some information about yourself. For the app, you will also need to do a video to prove who you are but it's very easy and there is a step-by-step. After you have created the NHS login and it's been certfied, you will be able to use one username and password to access the NHS app and website. You'll need to live in England and be registered with a GP in England to use it.

To get an NHS Covid Pass, download a PDF copy or get it through email: 

  1. Open the NHS app or website
  2. Login in with your NHS login
  3. Tap on Get NHS Covid Pass
  4. Select Travel or Domestic
  5. Swipe up to see more options
  6. Select Download PDF copy and choose where to save or share
  7. Select Receive an offline copy by email, tap confirm and send 

How long is a digital NHS Covid Pass valid?

If you are double vaccinated, the NHS Covid Pass is valid for 30 days. After the 30 days, you will need to refresh the pass and redownload a PDF copy, resend to your email or re-add it to your Apple Wallet.

If you have registered a negative PCR test or lateral flow test, the NHS Covid Pass is valid for 48 hours after the negative result.

If you have a postive PCR test, the NHS Covid Pass is valid for 30 days. This 30 day period will refresh everytime you log in though, up to 180 days after the positive result.

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Anything else you need to know?

It's worth checking the expiry date on the PDF of your NHS Covid Pass before you use it.

If you're fully vaccinated or have had a positive test result, the barcode on the NHS Covid Pass PDF is valid for 30 days.

The NHS App might ask you to confirm your phone number when you log in. If you do not confirm it, your NHS Covid Pass will be valid for 72 hours.

You can head to the NHS website for more information.

Writing by Britta O'Boyle.