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(Pocket-lint) - Wouldn't it be nice to know who called you from a given phone number? When you receive a phone call from someone, the recipient of the call is not always obvious. The caller may have left no identifying information, causing legitimate confusion about who it actually is. At the most basic level, finding out who called you on your cell phone is easy: just look at your incoming call screen, which will show you information like the number they called from and if their name was included in their outgoing message. For more advanced search options though, this can be quite difficult to track down.

There are a lot of things you could do to find out about unknown numbers, but this post is going to tell you the ten best ways. Best of all, these techniques will work no matter what kind of phone or landline your recipient number is. So, let's dive straight in. This article will take you through the 10 best ways to find out “who called me from this phone number”. Some ways to find this out include:

  1. TruePeopleSearch
  2. Numlooker
  3. PeopleFinders
  4. TruthFinder

Part 1: TruePeopleSearch

TruePeopleSearch is one of the most popular and successful people search engines on the Internet and it’s growing fast! TruePeopleSearch has quickly become one of the top 100 websites in the USA and more than 4 million users have already used our services worldwide.

TruePeopleSearch is a free people search engine and it’s optional to register on the website. The website helps find personal information about any person in the United States. Search results include full name, phone number history, relatives, aliases and other contact information. You can also find criminal records for that person.

You will not be able to save search results for future use without creating an account. When you create an account with TruePeopleSearch.com, your actions are anonymous and cannot be tracked by third parties because your IP address is concealed. Tracking by TruePeopleSearch is legal because the company protects the privacy of its users by stating that all records are collected from public resources, such as birth certificates, phone bills, criminal records databases, etc. The website only collects information that is publicly available on the Internet. 


  • Get a list of people found on the TruePeopleSearch website.
  • Compare each person to other people found on the website.
  • Click on a photo to see a larger detailed image of that person.
  • Click on an attribute to see more information about that person, such as date of birth, family members and other contact information.

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Part 2: Numlooker

Numlooker is a great website for those who just want to know who is calling before they answer. The online call lookup can provide you with anyone's phone number with one quick search. And the best part is that it's free!

This little website has two modes of operation - automatic and manual. Automatic mode will work by displaying the information on your screen as soon as an incoming call is received while using Manual Mode requires that you push a button to reveal the caller ID.

It will save you from those annoying calls from telemarketers and others who may already have your number. While it can't do much more than reveal who called from afar, it does an excellent job of accomplishing its purpose.


  • View Caller ID of all incoming calls
  • Check the recording date of incoming calls (in case you ever need to find out who called)
  • View the phone company's ID for all incoming calls (assuming you used the enable switch at start-up).

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Part 3: PeopleFinders 

PeopleFinders is a business directory provider that provides high quality, relevant information on over 25 million businesses. This includes company addresses, phone numbers, emails and websites of both local and national companies. They also offer many different services which include free reverse phone lookups of mobile numbers by name or email if you have a mobile number from an area code not listed on their site. They also provide other information such as business filings, legal documents, and social media profiles.

PeopleFinders incorporates all the valuable information in one searchable directory where it is easy to find the desired company. Their goal is to deliver comprehensive information that allows consumers to locate companies including their address, phone number, email address and other public information. You don't have to waste your valuable time looking through several websites that may or may not contain the correct contact details.


  • Local and national business directory
  • Search all kinds of businesses
  • Reverse phone lookups

Part 4: TruthFinder 

TruthFinder is a free app that provides the ability to find out how your phone's caller ID actually works. With this tool, you might be able to know who is calling you, and at the same time avoid scams and telemarketers of all types. Users of the app can input a phone number of any contact, and see if it is a valid number. This can help you determine if there is a chance that you are being scammed or have been called by an unwanted person. It provides information on whether the number is from a landline or mobile device, what city it is from, and more information about the caller's details.

You can then consider whether or not you want to continue with the call, and determine if it may be a legitimate business contact by entering their information into another site. The TruthFinder app is available on both Android and iOS devices. It is free to download, though there are in-app purchases that can provide more information for users who want more than just the basics that come with the free version. TruthFinder is also integrated with Facebook, so you can get more information about your contacts after checking their phone number on the app.


  • Identifies if the number is from a landline or mobile phone, and where it's from.
  • Shows you the name of the caller on the screen.
  • Shows you their physical address, phone number, and cell carrier.

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Part 5: Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is a public records search engine that provides information on over 100 million people, both alive and dead. As the leading provider of public records online, Instant Checkmate is making it easier for you to conduct all your background checks right from the convenience of your home.

Most of us have at some point wanted to know who's behind that call or email. Thanks to technology, it has never been easier! For most people, Instant Checkmate can save hours of time or even days of work. It makes it almost unbelievable that this information has been kept from us for so long. If you are the type of person that likes to know who's at the call before answering it, Instant Checkmate can help. If you are the type of person to avoid talking to telemarketers, then you should know that by using this site, you can block unwanted calls right away. 


  • Blocks Unwanted Calls
  • Fingerprint Searches
  • Criminal Records Search

Part 6: SearchPeopleFree 

SearchPeopleFree is a website designed to help you find out who is calling me. It has a variety of features, uses the best technology, and is updated frequently. Find out who callers are with just two clicks. With SearchPeopleFree's free trial, you can answer calls without being charged! 

SearchPeopleFree is the only phone call ID service that does not rely on Caller ID or private information about you to place an ID or identify a caller. When you use SearchPeopleFree, callers will see your phone number but they cannot know who called. When they are searching for you, they will see your phone number but they cannot find you with it unless you want them to! Use their simple search results tool to block numbers that are no longer in use or inappropriate for your lifestyle.


  • If you want, you can answer the call without being charged
  • Caller ID to see who calls you
  • SearchPeopleFree can block numbers that are no longer in use or inappropriate for your lifestyle!
  • You can listen to voicemails and save them to your phone or computer! (Use the Audio tab, then follow the prompts)

Tap here to check who called me with SearchPeopleFree!

Part 7: PeopleFindFree 

It probably sounds like an easy task to find out who is calling on your phone: enter your number and in a few seconds you'll get the name and address of the person or company that might be calling. However, it is much more difficult than it sounds to do so. Sometimes the number does not appear at all. It is as if the phone number doesn't exist. In this case, you have to call your phone provider and ask them to help you with your Caller ID. But this is a time-consuming task.

PeopleFindFree is an alternative way of finding out who is calling you. It gives access to the actual phone number, so you know immediately who it is that called your phone. This service will give you all the information you need. It is really quick and you can find out who called your phone in just a few minutes. 

PeopleFindFree is a free service that can be used to search by number or name or both. If you want to know who is calling, entering the full name will usually do the trick. If you have a call from a cell phone, or if the number is hidden for some reason, use PeopleFindFree to search the names in your call list.


  • Search by number or name
  • results received in real-time (no data transfer)
  • can be used just as often as you want to - free of charge 24/7/365. 

Part 8: FastPeopleSearch 

FastPeopleSearch is a free online person search tool that provides you with information on people who have called your phone, texted you, or emailed you and much more. Try their free services and explore the convenience of finding out who called or emailed you even when you don't remember at all! 

The Fast People Search is an easy to use way of knowing people around you. You can see a list of people who recently have called or texted on your cell phone at a single screen and can block unwanted phone numbers. 


  • A call log of all people in your address book.
  • Information on recent calls including phone numbers, age, gender, occupation/profession, email address, company name and more.
  • Contact names are displayed with photos beside them so you can contact them right away.

Part 9: Whitepages 

Whitepages is a site that lets you do a reverse phone number search and find out who called you. This can save you time by not having to track down the person that called, whether it was a telemarketer or not. You can also use the website to determine if someone has been trying to hack into your account.

The site works by searching the Public Records Database and finding out who called you, as well as their phone carrier. You can then see your information or that of someone else by going to the website that matches them with your information. There is also a telephone finder section where you can find telephone numbers for a specific Phone Company, Exchange, etc.

Be aware though, Whitepages is not meant to be kept up-to-date. It is meant to be used for things like finding out who called you, but not to actually use the phone number for contacting people. Whitepages uses the Phone Company's name as well as their Northern California area code.


  • Reverse Phone Lookup - Blacklist your phone number from telemarketers, look up an unknown caller, find out the name of a prank caller.
  • Caller ID - Get information about a person's number before you call them or receive an unwanted call from them.
  • Private & Anonymous - Keep your personal information safe and secure with our privacy protection tools. Hide your own phone number when searching for a caller ID and never give out your personal information.

Part 10: Spydialer

Spydialer is a free service that lets you know who has been calling you without having to answer the phone, or miss the call! It's simple, just enter your number and it will show you who is on the other line free of charge. With Spydialer you'll never have to wonder again if it's worth answering the phone when someone unknown calls. It also allows you to locate where your call is coming from.

Spydialer is the greatest addition to your cell phone, whether it's a common household phone or a smartphone.


  • Shows a number of incoming calls and allows you to be notified when someone calls you.
  • Automatically detects area code of incoming call and presents it to the user in a simple and efficient way.
  • Shows the full name of individual calling (If they're in your address book). To look up their information, just click on their name.


It can be hard to undertake a landline or cell phone number search. However, as you can see, there are countless simple tools to identify an unknown cell number.  Keep in mind, if an unknown mobile number keeps calling you and requests personal information or big bucks, it's most likely a scam. Even if you genuinely think it is indeed a legitimate call, it is always best to be vigilant. If you have a  reason to suspect, end the call and use the tools mentioned in the article to avoid any botheration in future.  Best of wishes with your search!

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