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(Pocket-lint) - Ever met someone new and wish you’d known something more about that person? A background check could help, wouldn't it?

Well, it may seem like a task, but running a timely background check can save you a lot of trouble in the future. Background checks can give you an overall idea about a person with whom you're currently dealing.

Sometimes, people run a self-background check out of curiosity to discover what information is revealed about them.

So, if you ever feel like getting a background check on others or even yourself, follow this article. You'll find details of some of the very best background check services.

The Best Background Check Sites

Here is a more detailed description of these background check services and how they work:  

#1. TruthFinder: Best for In-Depth Search & Criminal Records

TruthfinderThe Best Background Check Sites for 2021 photo 7

Lost contact with a long-time friend or in search of an old classmate? TruthFinder is the right place for you to get in touch with them again.

One of the most trustworthy background check sites in America, TruthFinder has helped thousands of families reconnect with their loved ones. It is a one-stop background check service for conducting in-depth searches and digging out criminal records.

TruthFinder is a highly resourceful background check service that allows you to conduct in-depth searches. It can scour through the depths of records and get you information that normal search engines cannot. 

It is quite easy to use. Just type in the name of a person and TruthFinder will provide you with any available details in their extensive database. This information may include the person’s contact number, email address, criminal records, and much more.

So, whether you’re hiring a new employee or have met a person on an online dating site, TruthFinder can help you know a lot about them.


  • One of the most accurate background-check sites
  • Provides a detailed report that includes information such as possible relatives, birth and death records, contact info, etc.
  • Strong customer support
  • User-friendly website and easy-to-understand pricing plans
  • TruthFinder offers guidance about how you can use the information obtained from a background check
  • Multiple search options and filters
  • Unlimited background checks for a monthly subscription fee
  • TruthFinder maintains transparency on how they use the data
  • TruthFinder has a hassle-free mobile app, too


  • No free trial. Membership is compulsory
  • Only monthly membership options are available
  • The website doesn’t offer a direct link for visitors to view the pricing plans
  • Prices may seem higher

What We Love About TruthFinder

The first thing we love about TruthFinder is that you can trust the information you get from the background checks. You get a detailed background check report loaded with quality information about the person you’re curious to know about.

TruthFinder, being a premium paid background check service, allows you to access its private and public database information. Hence, your job becomes much easier when you try to find out more about a person.

Besides, you also get amazing tools on the website for self-monitoring. Use these tools to find out what information about you is available to the public. Moreover, you get an unlimited number of searches per month. So, if you’re someone who has to deal with a lot of new people frequently, TruthFinder would be your best friend. The site obtains necessary information about the person - their social media profiles, photos, police records, and much more - to give you 360-degree background checks on them.

Accessing TruthFinder is as convenient as it could be. You can use the TruthFinder mobile app hassle-free from your smartphones (both iOS and android), which means you can look for information about people on the go.


TruthFinder is quite transparent about the utilization of their data. Once you enter the person’s details, it takes around 10 minutes for the site to generate a background check report using all of its databases and features. So, it would take you only about 10 minutes to know a person’s background.

Besides, here’s a list of the key features of TruthFinder other than background screening…

People Search

The most popular feature of TruthFinder is its people search. Just type in a name and get a detailed background report about the person - from birth date, and contact to criminal records, past offender status, photographs, and much more.

Dark Web Scan

This feature by TruthFinder helps you find out whether your personal information has ever been used illegally. In other words, this feature can be used to scan dark web data to check if a subscriber has been a victim of any identity theft.

Public Records Search

This feature helps you get access to all the information that is available in the public record under the name of a person. The common public records that your background report will contain include birth and death records, bankruptcies, arrest or criminal records, marriage or divorce records, etc.

Criminal Records Search

This is an interesting feature that TruthFinder offers. It allows you to get access to the criminal records of a person if any. It may include court records, arrest records, traffic offenses, etc. You can trust the site to give you reliable information, as the data for research is drawn from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and other law enforcement agencies.

Reverse Phone Lookup

With this feature, you can see the face behind that unknown number from which you’re getting frequent calls. This feature helps you find the details of a person (criminal records, etc.) that cannot be found on phonebooks. And, for that, you just have to provide the contact number. Similarly, with the TruthFinder membership, you can also look up someone by using their physical or email address.

No matter what little details you have about a person, TruthFinder has several options that can help you get a thorough background check.

Other than these, TruthFinder also offers features such as a sex offender search, self-monitoring features, etc.

How much does it cost?

TruthFinder is a bit pricey compared to other background check sites. Its subscription comes at $29 per month, which is higher than many other background check sites that we have seen. However, you get a little discount for two months, when you have to pay $24.

Other than this, if you want to download the search report, the site will charge you an extra $2.

Furthermore, if you want to look up a person by the contact number, you’ll have to buy a different phone number search subscription for $5.

So, the overall cost at TruthFinder is higher than many other background check sites. However, rest assured that you’ll get premium service.

About Customer Support

The customer support service may not be the strongest point of TruthFinder but it’s not bad either. There are several positive ratings about its customer service. However, there are still a few aspects to improve. To cancel your TruthFinder membership, you need to call customer support at the contact number provided. The team is quite responsive and helpful. So, you need not worry about getting stuck.

Coming to security and privacy, TruthFinder is safe for subscribers. The site is legal and follows strict regulations and policies for the user interface. It does not allow one to obtain personal data by illegal means.


Q: Can TruthFinder be trusted?

A: Yes, 100 per cent. TruthFinder is one of the most honest and trustworthy background check sites that give you the most accurate and detailed information. However, you must use this information properly and make sure it’s not illegal. For instance, if you’re using the information to reject a candidate or fire an employee, it will be illegal.

Q: Does TruthFinder notify or alert the person you are searching for?

A: No. Your search history at TruthFinder remains private and confidential. Hence, the person you looked up will never have a clue about what you looked up and the resultant reports.

Q: How do I remove my records from TruthFinder?

A: There are a few ways to do that. You can do it online, or by mail or phone. The fastest route is to fill out the online form. Visit the TruthFinder “opt-out page” and fill out the form. You can also call up the member care department and ask them to remove your record. To opt-out via mail, you need to send a letter to TruthFinder at their given address. Once the request letter is received, the team will remove your information from the records of TruthFinder.

However, it is important to note that the removal of records happens only within the site. Your records still exist in the public records database.

⇒Visit the official website of TruthFinder for more information

#2. Instant Checkmate: Best Social Media Checks

Instant CheckmateThe Best Background Check Sites for 2021 photo 6

Instant Checkmate is a great background check website that offers multiple features. Founded in 2010, the company claims to be a public records search service that offers you instant background check reports for any individual. You can search for anyone in the US and get a detailed report on their criminal records, court-related data, arrest records, known aliases, etc.

Instant Checkmate makes your research hassle-free and gives you a comprehensive report on anyone you want to look up. Plus, Instant Checkmate ensures that your connection is well-encrypted to protect your privacy and confidentiality. Apart from the report, you can also get the photographs and social media links of the person you’re looking for. Hence, with Instant Checkmate, any information about a person is just a click away.


  • Instant Checkmate offers an encrypted connection to protect your privacy
  • The tool specializes in providing you with information related to criminal records, government records, and arrest warrants
  • Unlimited number of searches for a monthly subscription fee
  • Instant Checkmate is available as apps on iOS and Android
  • The 5-day trial is comparatively cheaper
  • The company maintains transparency on how you can use the information


  • Mandatory membership for enjoying unlimited search and reports
  • Limited search options and filters
  • Results may be somewhat inaccurate. So, these should serve as the base of research only
  • Mixed reviews on customer service
  • Slow loading of reports

What we love about Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is your best friend for conducting informal background checks on the go. Run a few background checks and you’ll get a detailed report. For instance, if you want to look up a friend you were curious to know about, Instant Checkmate is a great choice. It offers you most of TruthFinder’s features but at a more reasonable price.

Instant Checkmate is a great tool to find criminal records. Within a few minutes, you can get information related to criminal records, past offences, arrest warrants, etc. Also, you can get access to the social media profiles of the person you’re looking for. However, the accuracy of the information can vary. Hence, be smart and wise while making your decisions.

We also love how the site ensures security, privacy, and confidentiality to subscribers. An A+++-rated website, Instant Checkmate provides you with an encrypted connection to prevent any breach of privacy.

Furthermore, we like the easy-to-navigate user interface. It is simple, attractive, and reliable.


Instant Checkmate offers features that you’ll love. The website offers standard features like TruthFinder but at a much lower cost. Here’s the list of features that instant Checkmate offers.

People Search

This is a classic feature offered by almost all background check websites. Type in the name of a person and a few basic details, such as last name, and get a huge amount of information in the report. You will get their social media profiles, email addresses, phone numbers, divorce and marriage history, sex offender info, date of birth, age, aliases, names, and much more.

Criminal records

With this feature, you can find criminal records and arrest records nationwide. It helps you access a person’s past arrest cases. These are valuable pieces of information that can help with decision-making. The criminal background check by Instant Checkmate is easy to understand, affordable, and highly informative.

Reverse Phone Lookup

Receiving frequent calls from unknown numbers is irritating. With Instant Checkmate’s reverse phone lookup feature, you can now find out who’s behind the nuisance. You can use the phone number and get a lot of information about the caller, such as social media accounts, age, business names, and more.

Reverse email

Your inboxes must be spammed by various emails. This feature allows you to identify unknown email addresses. Just like the reverse phone lookup feature, you can use the email address to know whether the sender is legit or just another scammer.

In addition to this, Instant Checkmate also offers the feature of Inmate Search, using which you can locate an inmate, prisoner, or convict. In the search results, you’ll get information such as name, sex, age, release date, etc.

How much does it cost?

Instant Checkmate is quite transparent about its pricing. There’s no free trial. It offers a 5-day trial period at just $1. However, the price plans are not directly available, which is why it is difficult to find out the total cost.

Just like its competitors, Instant Checkmate requires you to be a member after the trial period ends. The monthly membership costs $35, which is higher than its competitors. But Instant Checkmate also offers a quarterly subscription plan, wherein you can avail of the company services at $28 per month.

Instant Checkmate gives another option for people who simply want to get rid of phone calls from unknown numbers. You can get a separate plan at $5 per month only for phone lookups.

About Customer Support

The customer service of Instant Checkmate is quite strong. The team is responsive and ensures that your queries are addressed as fast as possible. However, the customer support team is available for a limited period. To cancel your subscription, you can call or email customer support, or fill out the online contact form.


Q: Is Instant Checkmate safe?

A: Yes, it is. All your searches and personal information such as credit card details are fully safe and secure. The connections are encrypted to provide full privacy and confidentiality. Payments are safe as well. On the checkout page, you can enter your payment information without worry. The lock icon that will appear ensures that all your information is safe with the company.

Q: Is Instant Checkmate legit?

A: Instant Checkmate is a legitimate business. Founded in 2010, the company is one of the largest people search engines that you can use to reconnect with your friends and family as well as to conduct background checks on people. Originally, the services of Instant Checkmate were used by online daters to find out more about the person they were dating. However, people now use the site for other reasons, too.

Q: Is Instant Checkmate free?

A: Instant checkmate is not free. There’s no free trial. You can access its 5-day trial for only $1. You can also enjoy a discount if you have to wait during checkout.

⇒Visit the official website of Instant Checkmate for more information

#3. Intelius: Best Quick Checks & Free Trials

InteliusThe Best Background Check Sites for 2021 photo 5

Intelius is yet another popular background check site that can help you get a detailed report regarding employment verification, or someone you’re dating, or even that fishy neighbour of yours. Intelius gives you valuable information sourced from reliable and specialized agencies and hubs. 

Founded in 2003, Intelius has now become a place where you can easily find out about someone as well as reconnect with family or friends. The background check site provides insight into criminal records, public property data, and other essential information. Over 20 billion public records are accessible to the company and, hence, you’re sure to get some valuable information about anyone you can think of.

Intelius also maintains the safety and security of the subscriber. The site enables a 256-bit secure encrypted connection. All searches remain private and the person you have searched about is not alerted. Your search remains confidential and you can quickly get the reports you need to make the right decision.


  • Subscription is more affordable than many of its competitors
  • Up-to-date and accurate background check reports in no time
  • Along contact, education and work history are included in the report
  • The search report is comprehensive and contains valuable information
  • The site assures proper safety measures and confidentiality for the searcher. It provided an encrypted connection
  • The site has access to over 20 billion public records
  • You can search for information using a name, address, or contact number
  • Mobile app available for Android and iOS
  • An easy-to-navigate website with a simple yet attractive layout
  • Unlimited number of searches for a monthly fee


  • Price plans are not easily accessible on the website
  • Confusing 5-day free trial offer
  • Mixed customer reviews

What we love about Intelius

Though Intelius offers as many features as its competitors, it has niche usage. Most people use Intelius to reconnect with long-lost contacts - family, old classmates, relatives, etc. Intelius also assures users of the privacy, anonymity, and confidentiality of the searches.

We also love how massive the database of Intelius is. It has access to a whopping 20 billion public records. Plus, you get to know the full history of a person - starting from their contact, email address, birth date to education level, work history, and criminal records. Furthermore, you can also search for people via the reverse phone number or email address feature.

Intelius is also an easy-to-use website, that is, it is quite user-friendly with a simple layout and directions. Also, the company has trusted partners and it is transparent about the source of information.

Though you can rely on the information provided by Intelius, we cannot guarantee its accuracy. Most people use the site to locate friends and family and not for more serious reasons such as checking criminal records.


Intelius offers several features like its competitors. Here, we have listed some of the features you can find on this background checking site.

People Search

To use this feature, you just need to type in the name of the person to get a detailed report. The report contains information, such as full name, employment background, social media accounts, education history, financial information, contact, possible relatives, etc.

Background Check

This is similar to the people search feature. However, in the background check, you get a more detailed report. That includes marriage and divorce history, death and birth records, court and arrest records, warrants, felony convictions, bankruptcies, etc.

Public Records

By accessing the public records, you can get a person’s details that are available in the public records, such as marriage and divorce history, warrants, traffic offences, property-related data, etc.

Criminal Records

By using this feature, you can know about the person’s offences within the state or county, if they have any.

Reverse Phone Lookup

Annoyed with repeated calls from an unknown number? You can find out the details using the reverse phone lookup feature. By using the phone number, you can find out the name, possible family members, and even the carrier of the phone.

Besides these, Intelius has additional features such as identity protection, which includes credit card protection, identity theft protection, and public monitoring (it comes with additional costs). Also, you get an additional phone directory feature, through which you can look up phone numbers within the US.

How much does it cost?

Intelius has a confusing price plan. The website doesn’t make it clear. After running a search, we got the following details:

  • You will be charged $29.63 per month after the trial period
  • There’s no free trial. The 5-day trial comes for $1.99
  • You get 1 month of unlimited reports at $22.86 and 2 months of unlimited reports at $38.86

The “free trial” mentioned by Intelius is quite deceiving and has earned several negative reviews from customers. Customers stated that after they agreed to the trial period, their subscription was auto-renewed for the full price without their permission. However, the company refunded their money after they complained.

About Customer Support

The customer service of Intelius is available only for a fixed time. Though the service is good, there are areas where the company can improve. Customer support is quite active with emails but not very flexible with phone calls. For instance, the call may not even go through. However, if you want to cancel the subscription, you can do so over the internet.


Q1: Is Intelius free?

A: The free service by Intelius is quite basic. You get very limited information after conducting the search. However, Intelius has no free trial period. The 5-day “free trial period” actually comes for a price, though minimal.

Q2: Can the person I search for see me on Intelius?

A: All searches are private and confidential and no one is allowed to see the details of the search. No person is alerted or notified about searches nor do they get to know about the people searching them.

Q3: Is Intelius trustworthy?

A: You can trust the reports Intelius generates for a background search. The report generally contains information that is as accurate as possible. However, the site draws the information from public records. Hence, the accuracy depends on whether the public records are updated.

⇒Visit the official website of Intelius for more information 

Conclusion: Which Is The Best Background Check Service?

Is that neighbour trustworthy? Can I send my children to their friend’s house to play? Is my new date trustworthy? Will it be safe to go out with him? Answering such questions just got easier with the background check sites.

Background checks can be fun and interesting. Not just that, background check sites can save you from people who may have ill intentions.

The sites we have listed in this article can be helpful whenever you aren’t sure about a person. Our recommendation would be to go for TruthFinder for its safety, confidentiality and great user interface. However, before you use any of these background check services, you need to read their terms and conditions, pricing plans, and cancellations properly. Just make sure that you know well about the background check service before jumping into a search. Do your research and choose wisely.