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(Pocket-lint) - There's no denying the expense of a lawyer's services. Sometimes just for the smallest form to be set up you need to fork out a lot of money. But there are now services online that can help with that. Whether you need a template for a lease agreement, get a prenuptial agreement, or anything in between, you can access all the legal jargon without a law degree.

We've put together a list of some of the top sites around that'll give you the advice and forms you need for much of your legal requirements.


1. eForms

eFormsThe best rated online legal forms photo 6

The second-largest legal website, eForms, is a significant player in the field. One of the main benefits of eForms that sets it apart from the rest is that it offers free downloadable templates for documents. Not everything is available for free, but many of the most common forms that you'd need are.

The most popular documents on eForms are Standard Residential Lease Agreements, Month-to-Month Rental Agreements, Motor Vehicle (DMV) Bill of Sale, Durable (Financial) Power of Attorney (DPOA) Form, Medical Power of Attorney (MPOA) Form, and Eviction Notice Templates. You can easily access these and many more for whichever state you live in. Unfortunately, you live outside the United States of America, eForms might not be the legal document site for you.

You have a 7-day free trial with eForms where you can access any of the documents, or you can start a monthly plan for $39. This gives you access to all the documents and unlimited revisions. You can choose a once-off payment of $45, which gives you unlimited access and revisions of one document, and no monthly costs. There's also the option to purchase the service for a year at $199.

2. RocketLawyer

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RocketLawyer has three main focuses: creating legal documents, accessing legal advice, and getting guidance in legal matters. It has solicitors ready to help you with creating documents for your needs, which allow for revisions and changes along the way. The legal advice incorporates property and conveyancing, litigation, intellectual property, and commercial areas. While the guidance is there to help direct you to the information you need.

You can try RocketLawyer for free for 7 days, and you can sign up for a membership for a month. With a membership, most of the services are included, though some are merely discounted. Otherwise, services start at $39.99. RocketLawyer is available in the US, UK, Spain, Netherlands, and France.

3. LegalZoom

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LegalZoom has been rated as the largest legal assistance website in the world by SimilarWeb. Its website is easy to use and welcoming, which is nice for a legal site. It has a large focus on helping people set up their businesses and testimonials all over to show their ease of use.

It has a larger focus on all your business needs from documentation to accounting and even office space. LegalZoom is mostly focused on an American audience but does still have a UK site, though it doesn't have a very large personal service, however, with only Wills being advertised. LegalZoom's business formation service ranges start from $79 and it offers services for LLC, nonprofits, corporations, and DBAs.

If you're in the market to start your own business and need the documentation sorted out, LegalZoom is a great option.

4. LegalTemplates.net

LegalTemplates.netThe best rated online legal forms photo 2

LegalTemplates.net is all about forms. It's in the name, so there are no surprises there. The site has a wide range of forms and documents from business forms for business formation to business operations and employment. There are also real estate forms, estate planning, finance forms, and personal/family forms. Basically covering all the bases.

There's also a blog for more info and resources about topics you might find useful like its legal dictionary. There's a free trial where you get access to all the documents, and thereafter pay $39.95 a month. If you take out an annual plan you pay only $9.95a month.

5. LegalNature

LegalNatureThe best rated online legal forms photo 1

LegalNature is a legal help website that aims at assisting people with business matters, real estate, and personal and family matters. The services are for people based in the UK and US. It's a place where you can find a multitude of documents for legal use, as well as advice and services for your business.

There is a host of documents available, and you can easily preview any document you need. There's even a passport service for quickly expediting the process. The monthly subscription comes in at $38.95, in which you get access to all the document categories and can create a version of any document available. Single document services are $34.95. For a year of document services, it's $84. For businesses who need that extra attention, there's a Pro plan available too.


Being able to get legal advice and legal forms online that are both credible and accessible is a life-saver. Each one of these websites offers slightly different options. LegalNature focuses on the UK and US markets with both legal documents and services. The only option that lets you download templates for documents free of charge is eForms, which also offers a huge range of forms. LegalZoom is more focused on the services side, while RocketLawyer balances forms and services, and works in multiple territories. It's just a matter of which service you need and you'll find a reliable site to help you.