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(Pocket-lint) - Invoicing your clients can often be awkward in more than one sense. Putting aside the sometimes painful conversations about payment terms and rates, the sheer act of making an invoice can often be a messy and complicated affair.

Many people end up borrowing a template from a friend, or cobbling one together themselves on a word processor, without realising that there are far easier ways. We've checked out a range of the best invoice making apps out there, to cut out loads of that hassle, and have gathered some of the very best right here for you to check out.


Invoice MakerThe best free invoice apps photo 4

1. Invoice Maker

This free app is simply the best invoice creation tool, the one that most people will find easiest to use and most rewarding, for a host of reasons. Firstly, we'll start with some of the most obvious plus points, which are clear the minute you visit its home page.

Invoice Maker genuinely lets you make quick and easy invoices right there on the home page, without any payment, for an unlimited number of times - there are no strings attached, and that makes it absolutely amazing for anyone who only makes invoices every so often.

On top of that though, it's insanely simple to use and laid out really clearly. Everything is easy to read and set up, making it trivial to get a professional invoice created in record time. If you're a bit more serious about your accounting, though, there are huge benefits to signing up for a monthly subscription with Invoice Maker.

Firstly, it lets you take card payments directly through some of the most popular methods around, including Venmo, PayPal, CashApp, and Square, all without cheeky transaction fees, ensuring you get all the revenue you've earned.

On top of that, it makes it incredibly simple to track payments, estimates, and receivables, something that can otherwise be a whole organisational minefield all by itself. That makes it more than just an invoice tool - it's a suite that you can rely on to help with all aspects of your work.

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2. InvoiceSimple

This is a solid alternative that also lets you make a wide range of invoice styles fairly easily - there are loads of templates to pick from which makes it pretty straightforward to find one that works for you. It's also useful for being able to make receipts and share them after you've received your payments, which many clients will likely appreciate.

What isn't quite as good is the design, look and feel of the app and website, which are a little more business-like and therefore slightly less intuitive. Still, though, everything is here to ensure that you can get invoicing done in an efficient and professional way, so that's only a minor complaint. Not having the ability to take payments directly from your invoice does mean that Invoice Maker is still ahead of it, too.

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3. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is another really impressive option, and it has a huge range of services on offer, also letting you track expenses and your work time, alongside payments and accounting, but invoicing is one part of what it does.

This means that if you want an all-in-one workplace platform that can help with loads of different parts of running a business, it's a really solid option that can scale up to accommodate a growing business or new requirements. If you want something just to use for invoices, though, Invoice Maker makes things quicker and easier in our opinion.

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4. Wave Financial

Moving back to the more technical end of the spectrum, Wave offers accounting software that's really versatile and brilliant if you want a wider accountancy solution. Plus, of course, invoice creation is part of what it offers.

You can make a free account to get a sense of what it could offer you and your business, but even that is a little bit more of a barrier than the astounding ease with which Invoice Maker lets you get up and running, so it's once again more of an option for those looking for a bigger platform.


As you'll have picked up throughout this piece, in our opinion most people looking to create some invoices will find that Invoice Maker is the best choice for them - it's an app and site that makes it almost insanely easy to create your own documents.

The fact that you can then level things up by taking payments and more makes it all the more persuasive. Some of the other options we've highlighted also give you a wider range of potential uses, but the costs involved means that we think the simplicity of Invoice Maker sees it come out on top.