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How to do a license plate lookup for free

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(Pocket-lint) - The license plate lookup is a crucial step when you are going to buy a used car. Nowadays, there are many services that are offering free license lookup rather than manualling looking it up. These free services will check all the data against your number plate and extract the details within minutes. 

Generally, people tend to use handy and efficient license plate lookup tools to get the possible information before purchasing a car. The whole process would save you time and effort on getting trustworthy data. This article will guide you on how you can do a license plate lookup for free.

The license plate number is assigned to each vehicle that verifies the vehicle's registration. The unique number contains symbols, colors, or slogans according to the respective states. It assists in the connection of the vehicles and their owners. 

A license plate number can tell us a lot of basic information about names, public records, theft/accident records, and recalls. When a vehicle is sold, the license plate's transformation is dependent on the state's law. Some states prefer to transfer the license plate whereas, some of them issue a new plate number. 

VinPit is a web-based lookup service that allows you to do license plate searches or VIN number searches for free. It provides you with all the basic information that you need before purchasing a used car.

There are several situations in which we need to check the vehicle's VIN. Suppose you want to buy a used car, then it's better to get a detailed report which shows accident/theft records, recalls, make, model, year, manufacturer, etc. 

For that purpose, VinPit is a free license plate lookup site that pulls out every single detail against your license plate number. It allows you to download a complete report showing the vehicle's specifications, covered distance, fuel efficiency, odometer readings, and estimated market price. 


VinPit helps you to make the purchasing process of a used car smoother. The decoder has a large and resourceful database that makes it possible to extract all details about the vehicle that you are looking for. 

VinPit official website:www.vinpit.com

VinPit provides you with information related to the vehicle including, model, make, year, and country. The decoder immediately accesses the data from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that tries to save people from deaths and injuries. The organization aims to ensure safe roads for driving. It tends to provide safety rules to the community. 

NHTSA gives all the data that is submitted by the manufacturers of the vehicles. VinPit fetches the information from the huge databases and presents it to the users so that they can make the right decisions on the purchasing of used cars. Users can go through this VinPit review to get to know more about searching through VIN numbers.

VinPit is a VIN decoder that also offers license plate checks. It aims to provide safety and necessary information that is needed for complete satisfaction in the buying process. 

On inserting the license plate number, you will get all details including, make, model, fuel efficiency, year, and recalls related to the vehicle. The following are the simple steps that you need to follow to lookup license plate numbers via the VinPit tool.

Step 1: To initialize the lookup process, get the license plate number of the vehicle.

Step 2: Go to the VinPit website from any browser. Click on the 'License Plate Lookup' option from the above toolbar of the VinPit site.

Step 3: Insert the license plate number in the given space, and click the 'Start Search' option. Just wait for a while to get the details against the license plate number. VinPit will let you download and share the complete report of the vehicle history.

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It is always better to do complete research before getting into the purchasing process of a used vehicle. Free license plate lookup offers users detailed reports such as model, make, year, manufacturer, country, accident/ theft record, and recalls about the vehicle. 

The following are a few more things that you can get from a free license plate lookup.

You will get to know the official status of a vehicle by the state agency. The branded title will tell you that the vehicle is safe to drive or not and about any damages. It also depicts if the car has been junked from an accident or rescued.

By doing a license number plate check, you are able to get all records of the stolen cases of the vehicle. The most disrupted detail is if the record tells the car status as currently stolen. This leads to the conclusion that the seller is not the actual owner of the car. You will likely report it to the police, which is the next point.

In daily life, vehicles can undergo an accident or damages and can be repaired. But it is tough to define the level of the damage. Was the renovation done exactly like the manufacturer? The well-experienced repair shops can bring back the original state of the vehicle. For that purpose, a license plate lookup will provide you accident records of the repair work done in the past.

There are several inspections done on the car to ensure that it is meeting emission goals set by the government. Some states and countries will go for more safety checks for further inspection. But in case the car can't pass the basic requirements, then maybe it won't pass an inspection.

A license lookup will list out the issues that are related to the car's registration. The more details you look at, the more you get the reasons for why the state's authorities are not making the car road legal.

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Many online services are offering free license number plate lookup to make the purchasing of the used car easier. It also improves the condition of the used car market. If you have concerns about any vehicle, go for the suitable lookup service that will give you access to the car's details.

Here are some other free resources that offer a license plate check.

VINCheck.info is a free lookup service tool that helps to provide accurate information about a vehicle. The tool gets a license plate number and gives you all the details, such as engine number, tank size, year, make, model, recalls, and much more. It aims to gather relevant information about your vehicle. Also, you can save yourself from overpricing by getting the estimated market value of the vehicle. 


VINCheck.info regularly collects the data that is linked to your license plate number or VIN. You can even access most of the free sources of vehicles through its researchable database.

VehicleHistory is a lookup tool that helps its customers to get accurate and quick information related to the vehicle. It is a comprehensive and trusted source of information that builds the trust of buyers in sellers.  The site gives you selling history, recalls, a list of expirations, and the estimated price of the vehicle in the market. You can search from its vast database that provides complete and current information about the vehicle.


So if you are researching car history for the car you are looking to buy, VehicleHistory has developed a system to provide a service that will help you find what you are looking for. 

VinPit is the most resourceful lookup site which is able to track the VIN numbers and license plate number of cars, motorbikes, and other engine bodies.

The lookup site has the ability to give you detailed information about a vehicle including, model, make, year, transmission, market value, safety ratings, and other records. Here are some benefits that will prove to you why VinPit is the best site for the lookup license plate. 

VinPit looks for the possible damages that the car might have faced. The detailed report shows the country where it was damaged and the repair costs. Having such information will help you in negotiating the price with the seller of the vehicle.

The tool gives you the prescribed timetable when the services are done in the past as well as upcoming services. By knowing this information, you can compare the real records of the vehicle's service book. For the upcoming service details, you can evaluate the possible cost and decide whether to purchase a car or not.

This portion shows the title documents, such as a legal certificate. Moreover, you can get to know the current status of the vehicle by the state.

This section of the VinPit report presents the past sale records of the vehicle. It will give you an idea at what price the vehicle was previously sold. 

Several tools are available to help in accessing all the basic information about the vehicle. Out of all, VinPit is the handiest tool that provides basic details, also all records related to the vehicle. We suggest you thoroughly read the article and make a better choice for a license plate lookup.