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(Pocket-lint) - We are surrounded by different kinds of technologies. It won't be wrong to say that we are addicted to the use of technology. From the start of the day, till we go to sleep, we use multiple tools to facilitate ourselves. Each invented tool is developed to provide ease to people.

Before the invention of invoicing software applications, people had to store the sell and purchase records by hand in books. It was a hectic job to first create handwritten records, save them and find them when needed. With the help of invoicing software, we can do these jobs in just a few clicks that won’t take much time.

What is billing and invoicing software?

Invoice software is a regularly used tool for businesses that involve any kind of sale or purchase. To choose suitable software, one has to be very cautious. For this purpose, we have provided a list of the ten best invoicing software applications from which users can select the tool that fits their needs.

  1. WeInvoice - Best Overall Invoicing Software 
  2. Zoho Invoice - Free Invoicing Software with Great Features
  3. Invoice Ninja - Best Invoice Software with Affordable Rates
  4. PayPal - Invoice Software with Easy Payment Method
  5. Wave - Free Billing Software for Small Businesses
  6. Invoice Simple - Simpler and Free Invoicing Software
  7. Invoicely - Free Invoicing App with Amazing Dashboard
  8. Invoice Home - Cheaper and Efficient Billing Software
  9. AND.CO - Free Invoicing Software for Freelancers
  10. Harvest - Invoicing Software with Multiple Platforms Support

WeInvoice: Best overall invoicing software 

WeInvoice is software that allows free invoicing to the user. It is the best free invoice software that is available in the market for the user to get the benefits of generating automated invoices and bill receipts. In this article, the user will get to know about some of the features of the WeInvoice software, along with the qualities that make it unique.

WeInvoice key features

This free invoice software has many remarkable features and specifications. Some of these features are explained below for the reader.

  • User-Friendly and Time-Saving Invoice Generator

WeInvoice has a simple interface with self-explanatory tools that are available to be used within the invoice generator. The user can add as many fields to the invoice as necessary. One can mold an invoice according to the business and market trends. The prolonged time that was previously consumed in creating one invoice is now served in drafting numerous invoices in the same amount of time. 

  • Large Storage and Well-Organized Platform

WeInvoice provides unlimited storage to the user for storing a large bundle of invoices in the storage container. It manages invoices in such a way that the user does not feel any difficulty in locating the total amount, balance, or credit of an invoice. It keeps all invoices with a specific tag on them. In this way, it is extremely easy to find a particular invoice from the search bar.

  • Allows Various Payment Cards and Record Payments

This free billing software gives freedom to the user from standing in lines to pay the bills. The hectic routine of paying and receiving payment can be avoided if one uses the invoicing template of WeInvoice. The user can use any preferred method for payment as it deals in all kinds of payment methods. It stores information about different payment methods for ease of the user.

  • Wide Access and Sharing of Invoices.

This platform is available in 5 different languages that help people from diverse communities to avail its services. The user can access this software application from any part of the world for free. It also allows the user to share the invoice via email. The user can keep track of the invoice in a way that WeInvoice notifies the user when the recipient of the email reads it.

WeInvoice plans & pricing

The users who wish to upgrade their experience can buy one of the two packages offered by WeInvoice. The first plan is a yearly package. If the user subscribes to this package, then he has to pay annually an amount of $59.99, which makes $4.99 per month.

There is another package for the user that charges $6.99 every month. If this package is subscribed, then the user will pay $6.99 each month. The benefit of upgrading to paid packages is that it allows unlimited invoices to be drafted. The users can customize their brand logo anytime to increase the professionalism of their organization.

In addition to this, the user can avail the customer service at any time of the day. It provides 24/7 customer support. If the user does not need the paid package anymore, then he can unsubscribe at any time.

What makes WeInvoice unique

WeInvoice is a software application that provides different services to the user to maintain its position at the top. Following are some of these points that make this system unique.

  • Customizable and Detailed Invoicing Templates

This free invoice app allows the user to create an invoice according to their particular need and add as much as required detail in it. There are pre-built templates available for the users that could be customized as per choice.

  • Automated Invoices and Alerts

This tool creates scheduled invoices automatically and sends them to the client for payment. This reduces the workload of the user. Other than this, the user can also send payment alerts to the client as a reminder.

  • Defines Rules and Regulations of Payment

WeInvoice allows users to set the terms and conditions of the payment. This helps in clearing all the doubts of the client before it is too late.

  • Estimations and Enhanced Usability

This software application gives the estimations of the total bill to the user. This feature acts as a time saver for the user. WeInvoice is highly usable and easy to use as it creates invoices by simply using the drag and drop facility. You can check this review post to learn more about WeInvoice.

There are also different renowned tools available in the market that enable the user to create, manage and share invoices and bill receipts. Some of these tools are explained below.

Access the Efficient and Precise Invoice Generator of WeInvoice by Tapping Here >> 

Zoho Invoice: Free invoicing software with great kids features

Zoho was launched in the market in the year 2008, and it has come a long way because of its great performance and incredible features. This platform provides an ease to the user as it allows them to create the invoices and download them on any device for later use. It allows the user to collaborate with the client so that the client has complete information about the invoices and bills that are sent his way.

The user can send reminders of the payment by using Zoho. It offers 3 paid packages to its users. The first package is a Basic package that costs $90 per year. It allows 50 invoices to be sent to the clients. The other two packages are standard and professional packages with prices of $190 and $290 respectively.

Invoice Ninja: Best invoice software with affordable rates

Invoice Ninja is free invoicing software that is available with open source for the people. This tool provides cloud storage to its user, which means the user can access it from any part of the world. The other benefit of cloud storage is that the data of the user will be kept safe forever. This tool is integrated with different payment facilities that include PayPal, WePay, WorldPay, Stripe, and many others.

It shows the revenue generated by the client. Other than this, invoice history and the time when the invoice was seen by the client can be viewed from the online console. Its free package offers unlimited invoices, and 100 clients can be catered for free. Whereas to use upgraded features, the user can buy a Ninja pro package that costs $10 per month or an enterprise package that costs $14 per month.

PayPal: Invoice software with easy payment method

PayPal is the most famous virtual payment tool that is used around the world as a virtual bank. The number of people that are integrated with the PayPal platform is 295 Million. Because of its extensive usage, it provides its users complete security to secure personal information that includes sensitive info about credit cards. Its security mechanism works 24/7 with continuous surveillance and foolproof encryption. 

Anyone can use this platform by simply signing up. It does not require the signatures of the new user to create an account. PayPal service is best for freelancers who require transactions of money around the world. It’s a free service unless the user sends money outside the country, the monthly sales value exceeds the $3000 limit, or payment is sent through a debit or credit card.

Along with all the basic features, it also allows the user to scan the receipts and process them accordingly. Wave offers a package of $129 to its client for a month. In this package, along with all the features of the Wave, a bookkeeper will be provided to the user. This bookkeeper will manage all the activities of the account of the user.

Invoice Simple: Simpler and free invoicing software

Invoice Simple was introduced in the market in 2014. Being considered a new software application, it has evolved and has left senior platforms far behind in the race. The user does not have to worry about anything because Invoice Simple is active at the back to handle everything. It facilitates the user by managing payrolls, invoices, and payments.

Invoice Simple allows the user to get payment in any form. The user can receive payment as cash, check, debit, or credit card when using Invoice Simple. It is one of the professional tools that know how to carry things professionally in a business environment. The user can buy an unlimited package of Invoice Simple for just $6.99 per month that makes $59.99 per year. This package gives unlimited invoices to the user.

Invoicely: Free invoicing app with amazing dashboard

Invoicely is a well-known platform for invoicing and billing. It was previously named as InvoiceBubble, but because of some maintenance issues and improvements, it was brought again in the market with the name Invoicely. This platform generates almost 5 million invoices per month.

Its online invoicing tool has enhanced the process of sending and receiving payment. It is best suited for small business environments. It supports 10,000 small organizations, but still, it does not have a mobile application to entertain iOS and Android users.

It's one of the unique features that allow the user to track the expenses of the business. It offers three plans to its users. Its packages are known as basic, professional, and enterprise, with prices $7.99, $15.99, and $23.99 per month if billed annually.

Invoice Home: Cheaper and efficient billing software

Invoice Home is one of the most reputed platforms that is used as an invoicing software. If the organization wants fast payment of their bills, then Invoice Home is the best option to get it. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices. The techniques that are used to create invoices with the help of Invoice Home are quite simple.

The user does not need to learn the specifications of the software before using it. This tool gets the job done within no time. For professional purposes, people can edit the templates available on the website and use them to fulfill the need. Its free package is suitable in scenarios where fewer invoices are used. People can buy its unlimited package for $5 per month to enjoy infinite facilities.

AND.CO: Free invoicing software for freelancers

AND.CO is an all-rounder app that entertains web, iOS, Mac, and Android users. AND.CO is an intuitive invoice software that creates invoices based on the projects of the user. This tool provides specific storage where the user can manage invoices, recipient lists, important documents, and notes.

The user can upload any file to the storage easily. AND.CO automatically attaches the files from the storage box to the related projects. In the free version, the user can only create one client project. The name of the project is unchangeable.

The free version is suitable for people who deal with one client at a time. To create unlimited client projects, the user can buy its pro plan that costs $18 per month. In this package, the user has access to editable contracts and can remove the branding of AND.CO.

Harvest: Invoicing software with multiple platforms support

Harvest is an invoice software free application that is available for the user in the form of a web application, iOS or Android mobile application. It can also be used as a Chrome extension. This is a smart application that allows users to track time spent on each task. This tool enables the user to observe the budget of the project.

It is an interactive application that sends frequent notifications to keep the user updated about the project. It comes in handy in the cases where the user has to get the payment from the client on an hourly basis. The user just has to review the total amount written in the invoice, and it is ready to be sent. Its pro plan costs $12/month, and it is suitable for users looking for unlimited invoices and projects.


The organizations that involve regular transactions make maximum use of the invoicing software applications. These tools come with all the necessities that are required by most people when drafting invoices and bills of the goods. The most important advantage of such tools is that they keep every bill safe with them, and users can retrieve it whenever required.

Due to the automated system, it is very easy to find an old receipt in the storage container as compared to a traditional logbook. This article has enlisted the 10 best free invoicing software applications; among them, Welnvoice is at the top of them.