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(Pocket-lint) - In the past few years, getting information about an individual by using his/her house address was nearly impossible. After the advent of the address lookup apps, it’s possible to gather all the information you need about any location and any person associated with it.

The user provides the address, and in seconds every related information is displayed on the screen. These reverse address apps are beneficial if you're buying a new house and want to know the value of that particular house. You can also get the information of the neighborhood to see whether the particular area is either safe or not.

Why Do You Need Address Lookup?

The online browsers don't provide in-depth information as these apps do. Other than this, there are many other reasons to use address lookup apps. Some of the reasons are as follows:

  • Finding a Friend

By using these apps, if you know the accurate address, you can find anyone on this planet. Just type the address of your lost friend in a minute or two, the phone number of your friend will be displayed on the screen.

  • Uncover the Neighborhood

When shifting to an unknown location, it is necessary to know the people living next door. You can search them as well by their address. You will come to know if any drug addict is living next to you or a thief.

  • Finding the Worth of Property

The property dealers hide much of the information. When buying a new house, it is very important to have complete knowledge of the property. These apps can find the current worth, size of the property, and every detail associated with it.

10 Best Address Lookup Sites

There are several reverse address lookup apps available over the internet; among them, we have selected the 10 best address lookup sites. If you ever get into a need of an address lookup site, you should surely look across these four best options for you. These apps are chosen because of their performance and good user reviews.

  • TruthFinder - Reveal the Property Owner within Seconds
  • CocoFinder - Secure and Precise In-depth Property Information
  • Instant Checkmate - Efficient Address Lookup Performing Million Searches
  • Intelius - Connecting with People through Address

1. TruthFinder

If you are looking for a tool that will find all the secret and hidden information about a place, then TruthFinder is your answer. It is one of the best apps that can find the truth for the user. It is mostly used by people to get information about a person by using its feature that is called address lookup.

TruthfinderAddress Lookup: Find Any Address You Want to Know! (Free) photo 1

Many organizations use this app to find information about their new employees. Employees provide address information to the company, and without even letting them know, companies search their history by using their address. This tool provides legitimate information about people.

If the organization wants to maintain discipline in the workplace, then searching the history of the employee isn't unethical. This could avoid hiring people who might have a suspicious past or someone who is usually involved in harassing female colleagues. This app is recognized by HuffPost, CW, and Yahoo Finance, etc.

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2. CocoFinder

People who want to find their old friends can use this app to fulfill their purpose. It enables its users to find an address of the people with whom they are not in touch with. CocoFinder finds information about the people if you have their address. After high school, we get out of contact with our friends. Phone numbers are missed placed, or numbers have changed.

CocofinderAddress Lookup: Find Any Address You Want to Know! (Free) photo 11

With the help of CocoFinder, you can find your old besties. All you have to do is provide the address of your friend, and you will get the details of your friend. This app will get you their phone number, social media accounts, and their new address if they have moved on.

This software is used by a large population around the world. It has one million users. It is a user-friendly application and assists its consumers every day irrespective of the time. Apart from address lookup, CocoFinder has more powerful functions to do a background check on the target person such as phone lookup, people search and so much more.

Access Property Information through CocoFinder by Tapping Here!

3. Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate can help the user to do a reverse address search. By using this app, you can check whether a person is pretending to be someone he isn’t or not. This tool takes the address and returns the name of the people linked with that address. Today, many companies are involved in unlawful matters, and yet no one knows about it.

CheckmateAddress Lookup: Find Any Address You Want to Know! (Free) photo 10

This app could be used if you are dealing with an organization and want to know the credibility of that cooperation. You can use the Instant Checkmate platform to get all the hideous information you need about any organization using their address.

This app will find the details of the residents/company using the address of the property/office building. You can check whether there is some kind of criminal record or not and if the property tax is paid regularly or not. This will let you know the integrity of the company.

Tap Here to Get Property Information using Instant Checkmate>>

4. Intelius

Intelius is an address lookup software application having the largest database attached to the system. It provides results with maximum accuracy, and there is hardly any information that isn't available on Intelius. On providing the address, it searches the location completely, and in a minute or two, all the information is displayed on the screen.

InteliusAddress Lookup: Find Any Address You Want to Know! (Free) photo 9

This tool tells who lives at this address currently, who lived here before, and who the property owner is. Not only this, but it also tells the year in which the construction was done on the property. It tells the current worth of the property, the size of the property, and the number of rooms with their types.

There are some additional services provided by this tool. It can also enlighten the user with the information of the residents. It gives the complete biodata of the occupants, phone numbers, social media accounts, and any criminal record if found.

Tap Here to Locate Anyone Address by using Intelius!

5. Spokeo

Spokeo is a smart and efficient app; it answers the people when questions are asked, like who lives at this address or who lives at that place. Usually, people use this app to find other people. For instance, if you have lost the phone number of a person but have his address, you can find the address.

SpokeoAddress Lookup: Find Any Address You Want to Know! (Free) photo 13

You have to type the address in the search bar and hit enter; the address of that person will be shared with you. In this way, you may come to know other information too about that person that you might not have known previously.

6. Zosearch

Zosearch is a complete package. It not only provides information about the people associated with a property but also gives complete information about the property. It tells when the construction was done on the searched address. The number of floors, rooms, types of rooms, and even information related to property tax can be fetched.

ZosearchAddress Lookup: Find Any Address You Want to Know! (Free) photo 8

It provides information on the neighborhood. This app could be used if you are buying a new house and want to know the environment of the surroundings. This app also tells if there any sex offenders living in the neighboring.

7. AnyWho

As the name implies, AnyWho can find anyone by just using a genuine physical address. This app is designed to search the history of a person that has some property under his or her name. The user has to give the exact address of the target, and then this platform will return every major to minor detail of that particular address.

AnyWhoAddress Lookup: Find Any Address You Want to Know! (Free) photo 7

This app not only gives the names of the current and past presidents of the particular property, but their entire information is shared. This is recognized by many platforms like Forbes, NBC, the New York Times, CBS, the Wall Street Journal, and ABC.

8. That’sThem

This app is matchless from other reverse address lookup apps. The reason is that it provides a large amount of information by using the address only. That’sThem tells the names of all the people associated with the app at present or past. The owner of the property is also exposed.

ThatsThemAddress Lookup: Find Any Address You Want to Know! (Free) photo 6

It gives the phone numbers of the associated people, their email addresses, and even their age. This is a free address lookup app. The users can do thousands of searches using this app, and yet they will not be charged. We can say this is the most convenient app to use.

9. Infotracer

Infotracer has the ability to trace anyone by their house address. The user can rely on the authenticity of this app. Infotracer not only gives the information about the residents but also gives the names of their relatives. Other than providing the names, it also tells the length and size of the property.

TracerAddress Lookup: Find Any Address You Want to Know! (Free) photo 5

Before buying a property, you can search it here to get all the hidden details. It allows the user to search from the billions of records available hence its accuracy should not be challenged. This app charges if the user wants to get some additional information.

10. Whitepages

The name of the software application is adapted from the concept of physical address books and directories. Whitepages was developed to eliminate the use of the traditional address book and to automate it. Instead of searching a person in a thick address book, you can simply use this online tool to do this.

WhitepagesAddress Lookup: Find Any Address You Want to Know! (Free) photo 4

The traditional address book will only provide basic information that might be outdated, but if you use this app, every detail will be up to date. This app can be used to get additional information such as neighboring details, property information, and also criminal record, if any.

Use Search Engines to Do Reverse Address Lookup

In the current era, we are habitual to use Google or any other famous search engine if any confusion hits our mind. Instead of reading books, we simply write our query and search for it online using Google. The search engines have wiped out the use of many traditional things which were used commonly in the late '90s.

One of the eradicated items is the traditional phone and address book. Today no one is interested in finding a phone number using a local directory. Everyone likes to keep information in their pockets. Google is integrated with big databases hence provides information in milliseconds.

When we want to find an address, we turn to Google. One can enter the name of a person or a company, and Google will provide you the address. The result of the search depends on the availability of the data servers. The more public addresses you search, the more accuracy you will get.

GoogleAddress Lookup: Find Any Address You Want to Know! (Free) photo 3

It is easy for Google to find publicly available phone numbers, social media accounts, and criminal activity, etc. It gets difficult to do address lookup by name that is private or not commonly known. The result of an uncommon name would not be accurate or reliable one hundred percent.

GoogleAddress Lookup: Find Any Address You Want to Know! (Free) photo 2


The reverse address search is usually done to find the information merely using the address of the target. The information could unfold many aspects that you might be unaware of. It is important to do a little searching before hiring a new employee or before joining a new company.

This facility has eradicated the traditional address book hence provides ease to the users. In this article, we have provided the reader with different ways to do the reverse address lookup. This article provides 10 options to choose from. One can choose according to the requirement.