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(Pocket-lint) - The way we use the NHS Test and Trace app on iOS and Android will change from Monday, as the UK's lockdown measures relax further.

But what are those changes and how will they affect you? Read on.

What is changing on the NHS Covid-19 app?

The NHS Test and Trace app (called NHS Covid-19 on respective app stores) will largely work the same, it's how you use it that will change from 12 April 2021.

Instead of the main group leader being the only one to check into a venue (via QR Code), every visitor will need to from Monday on.

That means every visitor to a pub, hairdressers, shop, or any other venue will require the app installed on their phone and scan a new QR code provided by the government on entry.

In addition, if you are tested positive for the Coronavirus, you will need to provide a history of all the venues you recently visited. This will be sent anonymously, so your privacy will be protected, but venues will then be able to take further measures and other customers who visited will be notified automatically by the app installed on their own phones.

All can then be tested and self-isolate as needed.

The venue history function is optional, but could help massively if you do sadly test positive.

Do you have to download an update?

The last update to the NHS Covid-19 app was pushed at the end of March, to both iOS and Android.

The current iOS and Android build of the app is version 4.7. However, it is expected that a further update will arrive in the next few days - you will need to ensure it is downloaded and installed.

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If you don't have the NHS Test and Trace app already installed, head here to get it for iOS, and here for Android.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 8 April 2021.