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(Pocket-lint) - Finding any tool that helps you look for your target person seems unreal. However, it is now possible to find someone by typing their name or phone number on people search sites or other applications. These search engines are preferably developed to find scam businesses and fake people that make up stuff to fool people.

To check whether our assumptions for people are true or false, we must run a background check on them. This search would exhibit their criminal history and real identity. This article will present 10 best people search websites that discover interesting factual data of people by their full names or phone numbers.

Part 1: Instant checkmate

Instant checkmate is a people search site that finds out people and puts their identity in front of you. It can even display the criminals registered on the provided phone number. The application has four ways to find out the information of a person of the user's interest. By people search, the user has to enter his target's full name and the state he wants to run the check on.

After this step, the application runs the people search. It gathers important data and useful information because of its connection with the database and international public search engines. These search engines help the application gather the identity and other background information of the target through his name.

The software accesses the full name, phone number, email addresses, and location of the target. It also conveys the past and current residence of the target, including the years of stay. The public social media profiles are also accessible through this background run.

It identifies the target's profiles on Facebook, Instagram, etc., and shows the photos, videos, and important data visible on their public profiles. However, the software only accesses the information available publicly. Thus, the user cannot access the data that is not available on public platforms.

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Part 2: CocoFinder

CocoFinder is another website to look people up. It has a background check that identifies the background of people. The background check depicts the criminal history of the target, including his court proceedings, civil court records, felonies, and crimes. The background history also involves the target's complete name, age, date of birth, and city.

The software also accesses the educational institutes in which the target studies or has studied. Moreover, the employment details of the target person are also included in the background check. The reverse phone lookup service of CocoFinder requires the user to enter any phone number. It then displays his alternative phone numbers, email addresses, social media handles, and location.

This is a helpful aspect because it lets people know about the fake callers. So, this makes it easy for them to not fall into the trap of scammers. The reverse phone lookup service also displays the businesses registered on that particular phone number. If the target has any sex-offending history, the application also accesses its details.

The public search lookup of the application runs the search by acquiring the name of the target. The information includes his identity, such as his relatives, family, educational institutes, and social media accounts. You can run a phone lookup or people search lookup on your target by typing their name in the search bar of the application.

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Part 3: TruthFinder

TruthFinder is a lookup service that helps people know the truth regarding any specific person. This software is connected with public searches and database systems. Once the user enters his target’s name, the software accesses all the profiles relevant to the given information. After this, the application would display all the matching profiles to the user.

TruthFinder can find the background information of the target and his business records. It also accesses the security number, passport number, bank account numbers, driver license, and credit/debit card details. The information includes retail and membership cards, social network accounts, and medical identification numbers.

This application has another useful benefit that lets the user know if his data is being leaked on the dark web. Its service monitors the bulletin board, peer-to-peer file-sharing networks, forums and chat rooms, web servers, and social media platforms. It also monitors file transmission, web services, and servers.

He can stop it by blocking his account or by contacting banks or creditors. The software also offers a background check that depicts the background history, jobs, businesses, and criminal background. If the target has any business fraud in his history, it also gets visible to the user.

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Part 4: Intelius

Intelius offers phone lookup, public search, background check, and address lookup service. The home address lookup requires the complete address of the person you want to run the lookup on. The information it accesses includes the name of the target, his family, possible relatives, age, date of birth, and social media accounts.

If the target has any fraud cases, court proceedings, or any registration as a corrupt person, the application also shows it. The software also depicts the information about the address, including the past and current tenants, billing details, worth, selling price, and area of that place. It also displays the average income of the neighborhood.

If there is any criminal registered in the area, the application would also access its details. The background check of the software checks the background history and felonies of the target person. If he has any business or financial loan details, the user can also see them.

It is linked with different international database systems. Hence, it shows extra accurate results. Sometimes, the software disappoints to show relevant results. This is because the lookup services can only catch the data and information that is available on public platforms. It cannot show any information that is private to the target.

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Part 5: Social Catfish

Social Catfish is a reverse lookup service that runs phone lookup, name lookup, address, image, and user name lookup service. The software can also run a reverse image lookup by requiring the image of any specific person. When you run the reverse lookup, the software would show the image's details.

The perceived information includes the identity of the target person through his image. It also depicts the social platform where that image was uploaded by the person. The social platform can be any dating websites such as Tinder and Hinge. This is an important feature of the application because it lets you know the main owner of any image.

If you see any photograph, recipe, or any selling item online but it does not belong to the page where it is uploaded. Then you can run the reverse lookup and find the exact person or profile to where it belongs.

Part 6: Fast people search

Fast people search has people search and reverse phone lookup service. The application also runs an email address lookup that requires the email address of the target person and, in return, runs the lookup service on his identity. The people search service finds the people by their name. You can run this service to find lost relatives and friends.

It has a username lookup service by which you can find the true identity of any person by entering his username or email address. The username can belong to any social website. The username lookup service displays identity, name, place where he lives, his age, and social media accounts. If the target person is registered on dating websites, the app would also display it.

With the assistance of this application, you can also find out the marital status, marriages, divorces, siblings, spouses, and children of a directed person. If he has any registration as a criminal, its accurate details would also be visible.

Part 7: ZabaSearch

ZabaSearch is an online people finder site that lets you find your lost contacts by adding their phone number or name. The reverse phone lookup service discovers the identity and other important information of the target through his phone number.

It shows the criminal history and education of the target, such as the schools, colleges, and universities in which the target has studied. The data also includes the employment history, financial dues, billing details, credit/debit card details, bank account number of the directed person.

It has a background check that provides the target's hidden and personal data linked with his social accounts. If the person has any criminal record or influential relatives or family members, the software shows it in a single search.

One can also access the arrest record and marital status of the target by phone lookup search. You can find out who is calling you from a private number by entering his phone number in the search bar.

Part 8: BlackBookOnline

BlackBookOnline offers vast lookup searches through its online application. It offers white pages that are almost the same as a phonebook. It has all the phone number lists. You can enter any specific phone number and find out the owner’s name and alternative phone numbers.

By BlackBookOnline, you can also find details about any business. The interface allows you to enter the name of any business organization and exhibits its details, including the type of business. It also allows the user to access the death record in any particular state. This is vital for anyone who wants to confirm the death news of a certain person.

The application also allows the users to add any name and find his arrest record, warrant record, and court proceedings without him knowing. It also offers a voter registration lookup service. Through this service, you can know if a certain person is registered as a voter or not.

Part 9: That’s them

That’s them is an online people identifier that runs the lookup service on the target person through their name, phone number, email address, and home address. The home address check of the target person requires the accurate address of the specific person.

After entering the address, the application informs the user about past and current tenants living there, their identity, criminal history, and employment details. The data also includes the marital record, financial loans, billing details, and credit card number of the target person.

ThatsThem10 best people finder services to search for people photo 7

One can also look for the geographic details of an IP address. The software would also reveal the person associated with a specific IP address. This IP address lookup provides accurate IP data available.

The VIN search exhibits the data and information about vehicles, including any van, car, or motorbike. This lookup search provides the car's make, model, year, and previous owners of the vehicle. If you don't know about the details of any vehicle, you can run a VIN lookup service to check if the vehicle is stolen or not.

Part 10: Pipl

Pipl is an online tool that helps the user identify their customer before making any business agreement. It prevents Ecommerce fraud and lets you confirm before making a purchase of your customer. You can check if they really are what they show you.

It lets you verify the age of any person you want. It is connected to thousands of databases and helps to keep adult offerings away from underage children. This is the best application for big business. It helps you accept the "Thin File" applicants. You can prevent the fraudster organization from growing. Hence, you can block fake profiles and accounts.

Pipl has a loan verification diligence available that makes a report of the target that includes details of his past jobs, income, skills, and addresses. This lets the user confirm if the directed person deserves any loan or not. This helps you to remain firm and prevent yourself from the wrong investment too.


The article has brought about complete details of the 10 best websites to find people by their name, phone number, email address, and home address. The applications also offer other various features such as death record lookup and VIN lookup service. Moreover, the applications can also find anyone by their username on any social profile.

If they are available on public platforms, you can easily target their information and use it. All of this is possible through these applications. It is required to get registered on their websites and find information through their dashboard. Anyone looking for accurate information related to people finder sites would get awareness by this review.