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(Pocket-lint) - There are countless social apps out there nowadays, clamouring for your attention, so it can sometimes be a little challenging to work out which ones are really worth your time to sign up for. 

It's always a good sign, though, when other people are getting on board with a new app, and the service is starting to pick up a bit of viral attention. That's what's happening around Yubo, a new social app that's aimed at finding you actual new friends and communities to hang out with. We've got everything you need to know about this superb app, right here.

What is Yubo?

Yubo is a social app where you can find new friends, add them, join groups with other like-minded people and hang out together. It lets you livestream together or to group, message the people you're connected with and even play a range of games together.

That makes it a brilliant catch-all that lets you find new pals and hang out with them all in one place. Plus, it's aimed square at younger people, meaning that you will find people of your age group, so there's no worrying about old farts cramping your style.

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How does Yubo work?

Yubo works around letting you add friends to grow a network of connections, but also by letting you follow topics to see who else is interested in the same things as you, whether that's sports, video games, music, or anything else. 

Then of course, there's something that makes Yubo even better - livestreaming! The app makes it really easy to set up a broadcast for your friends to tune into, whether you want to put on a show or just sit and chat for a while. You can even hang out and watch YouTube videos together in real-time, reacting and chatting as your favourite content creators or streamers get up to their usual hijinks. 

You can also easily send direct messages to your friends making it a great platform for hanging with your mates in a whole bunch of different ways. Plus, you can join in with really fun games, too, to make things a bit more interactive.

Whether you're guessing what each others' doodles mean, playing charades or loads of other options, it makes Yubo an app that actually encourages socialising, not just messaging.

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How to get Yubo

You can download Yubo on your iPhone or Android smartphone right now, create an account and get going - it's super quick and easy. To get it on iOS, find it on the App Store here, and for Android check it out on the Play Store here

Whichever version you get will have all the same features, so don't worry about missing out based on what type of phone you're using, and get ready to make a whole load of amazing new friends online.