(Pocket-lint) - The year 2020 was a disastrous one for millions of business owners around the world. However, the world of cryptocurrency will remember the year for the emergence of a new era in crypto mining.

In the later part of 2020, a technology company named ASICLine introduced a range of crypto miners that have already left all its competitors behind. Industry experts, as well as users, claim that ASICLine’s FirstLine and PowerBox miners are the most profitable crypto miners ever.

Moreover, the simplicity of these products has allowed even beginners to take a crack at crypto mining and make lucrative profits. 

Hash rate and power consumption are the two factors that determine the profit-making potential of crypto miners and this is where ASICLine has taken its mining rigs to a different level altogether. The hash rates offered by FirstLine and PowerBox are unrivaled in the industry, with low power consumptions of 650 W and 1800 W respectively.

A combination of high hash rates and low power consumption has made ASICLine the most profitable mining hardware available in the current market. These two multi-algorithm miners can be used for mining Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Monero with hash rates as mentioned below. 

  • FirstLine: Bitcoin 410 TH/s, Litecoin 60 GH/s, Ethereum 15 GH/s, and Monero 3 MH/s, and 650 W power consumption. 
  • PowerBox: Bitcoin 1250 TH/s, Litecoin 180 GH/s, Ethereum 45 GH/s, and Monero 9 MH/s, and 1800 W power consumption. 
  • For FirstLine users, the profit making potential per month is $2000, $4000, $9000, and $7000 for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Monero respectively. In the same order, these figures for PowerBox are $6000, $12000, $27000 , and $21000 respectively. In the aftermath of a global economic lockdown, these products have undoubtedly created a feasible earning opportunity for many.  

In addition to the profitability of its miners, ASICLine was also focused on delivering crypto miners that are simple to use. Honestly speaking, the industry has seen many brilliant mining products over the years. However, in general, these products have been extremely complex in nature.

As a result, the benefits of crypto mining have always eluded the common people. The mining rigs from ASICLine come pre-configured and starting them is as simple as plugging in the machine and connecting it to the internet. The interface of these crypto miners is extremely user-friendly, thanks to their Linux based system and ASICLine software.

Interestingly, it is possible to mine cryptocurrencies using these miners even without a superfast internet connection. Just a decent upload and download speed of 10 KB/s is sufficient. Finally, those using ASICLine miners need not look for a trustworthy mining pool because all customers of the company have unrestricted access to ASICLine’s own mining pool with 0% fees.  

ASIC mining is the latest buzz in the crypto community because of its superfast speed and the ability to solve complex mathematical problems quickly by running complicated calculations. However, many tech giants introduce these miners to the market only when they are no longer profitable, after using them for a long time for their own profit. The ASICLine team comprises of a group of investors with a mission to deliver the latest ASIC technology to the market for an affordable price before they become obsolete.   

ASICLine currently ships its crypto miners all over the world with a delivery speed of seven days, except for the countries with custom closed. To make its products more affordable for small time mining enthusiasts, the company covers the delivery as well as custom fees.  While purchasing mining hardware from ASICLine, the purchasers also enjoy a product warranty that covers all types of software or hardware issues. Crypto mining enthusiasts can find out more by visiting asicline.com