(Pocket-lint) - Changing your phone, or losing it, can be a disaster if you're active on a lot of WhatsApp chats - even if you can log into your account again from a replacement phone, you risk losing your backlog of messages.

That can be really sad, cutting you off from a wealth of messages and media from the people you care most about. Backing up your WhatsApp is a great way around that issue, but isn't the simplest thing to accomplish by a long stretch. With the help of MobileTrans, though, a superb app from Wondershare, you can backup your WhatsApp from your iPhone to a PC or computer really easily. Here's how you could benefit.

Go the manual route

There are ways to back up your WhatsApp chats manually, if you're so inclined, although it takes a lot more effort and is much more fiddly - you can do it by going into each chat's settings and opting to export it. 

You'll have to email it to yourself, too, creating a bunch of files scattered through inboxes and devices for you to then lasso into one place. It's doable, but we think that MobileTrans offers a better way! 

In fact, you can watch the video above to see both methods for yourself, if you want something to follow along with. 

Use MobileTrans

The beauty of using MobileTrans is that it's a one-click solution - just install the app to your computer, whether it's a Mac or a PC, and plug your phone in using your charging cable.

Once the phone is connected, it'll be detected automatically by the software and you'll be able to quickly and easily choose what to do next. If it's your first time, you'll want to back up your chats most likely.

Alternatively, if you're connecting a new phone and want to download your previously backed-up messages to it, you can do that too. This is something that normal WhatsApp users don't have access to, so it's a real benefit to going the extra mile by using MobileTrans

WondershareHow to backup WhatsApp from iPhone to PC using MobileTrans photo 1

MobileTrans also makes it really easy to transfer your backup between devices, meaning that you don't have to worry about changing phones or changing computer - whatever you do, whether you're on an iPhone or an Android, you'll be able to take your stored messages with you to restore them when needed.

The app also lets you save your media, alongside messages, so that the videos and photos that you've shared between yourself and loved ones aren't left behind, which is worth a great deal for those with family threads.

All in all, MobileTrans makes it really simple to backup your phone's WhatsApp data to a computer without having to worry about complicated processes, so it's a great choice if you want to keep your chats secure and safe.