(Pocket-lint) - Finding a video you love to watch is one of modern life's great joys. Whether it's a short viral clip or a longer bit of footage that's in danger of going forgotten, it can be annoying to keep track of your favourites online, whether you're bookmarking them or saving them to playlists on individual sites.

That's what makes 4K Video Downloader such a useful tool - it's a programme that lets you really easily and quickly download videos from popular streaming sites including YouTube in high-quality formats to be saved on your own storage and kept for posterity. If that sounds like it could be something you'd find useful, read on to learn more about its standout features. 

Download videos from YouTube

YouTube is the world's most popular video site, although it's far from the only one, and 4K Video Downloader is perfect if you want to save a video from the site easily. Mind you, it also works with countless others, including Vimeo, TikTok, SoundCloud, Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, DailyMotion, or more, and all you need regardless of the site in question is the video's URL address.

However, if you take YouTube as an example, the app isn't just limited to saving individual videos. You can also ask the app to save an entire playlist, or even an entire channel, so that you can have an offline archive of your favourite content accessible whenever you like and without needing internet access. If you know you're going on a holiday without internet, or you just want to make sure your favourite clips are secure, it's a perfect solution. 

Fully 4K-compatible

One of the most powerful aspects of 4K Video Downloader is right there in its name - it is built entirely to support 4K resolutions, ensuring that you can download your videos in the crispest possible resolution to enjoy them looking their absolute best if you have a 4K display to view them on. 

If you'd rather cut down on the storage space required, though, you can easily opt for lower-resolution versions with the click of a button, making it perfect whether you want your videos to be ultra-HD or not. 

3D and 360-degree videos supported

While 4K videos are now a relatively commonplace sight on YouTube and other websites, another big area of growth is in 360-degree video and 3D videos, which are both becoming more and more popular every day. Thankfully, 4K Video Downloader also takes account of this, by making sure that both are completely supported.

You can download both easily, just as if they were a normal video. Even better, whether it's 2D or 3D content, you can also use a built-in proxy system to avoid geo-locking issues, and download content that might not be available in your real-life location. 

Extract YouTube subtitles

If that weren't enough, though, you also get some valuable extra options, including the ability to strip out subtitle files for YouTube videos when you download them. This can be really useful if you want to watch videos that aren't in your native language or need subtitles for accessibility, and 4K Video Downloader takes care of it for you easily.

That's the thing - 4K Video Downloader gives you the tools to build up your own library of videos and clips, or back up your favourite playlists without any hassle at all. Try it out by visiting the 4K Video Downloader website to try it out for free right now.