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(Pocket-lint) - It doesn't matter how fast or secure your physical storage is, if you lose it or it breaks then you're in huge trouble. Data loss can be hard to undo and have devastating consequences. Even if you don't lose any data, having things filed away on different drives and external hardware can make it really annoying to find your files quickly.

That's where Wondershare steps in to help - its superb cloud backup service, Document Cloud, offers secure and quick cloud storage that makes it easy to keep your documents in the cloud, searchable and accessible remotely without any worries. Wondershare Document Cloud is a brilliant way around your storage woes - find out more about what it offers, below, and read on to check out an amazing deal you can grab right now. 

Massive, private storage

The core of the Document Cloud experience is right there in the name - it gives you access to a large storage pool hosted in the cloud, securely. You can store and access up to a gigabyte's worth of data for free using the trial option, but most users take on a membership to gain access to the full 100GB allocation.

WondershareWondershare's Document Cloud is the best way to back up your documents photo 7

That's enough to store practically countless files and documents, and the entire system is built so that you can access it wherever you browse the web. That means that whether you're on your smartphone, a tablet, a laptop or your desktop computer, you can quickly and easily access your files, search them and filter them to find the one you're looking for without needing to get too forensic in your searches. 

Your files will also be locked firmly behind robust layers of protection to ensure that you, and only you, have access to them, making sure that you don't have to worry about anyone else being able to snoop through your private files. 

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Electronic signatures and other extras

It's not just simple storage, though - Wondershare Document Cloud offers a wide range of additional features that take it from being a simple storage platform to a more powerful tool in your working and personal life. One such feature is its electronic signature system, which lets you send documents to named recipients to be signed and authorised officially, which can be hugely useful for those dealing with forms and waivers, like landlords. 

Another is the existence of a wide range of document templates you can use to create new files entirely in your library, and the ability to encrypt your documents to ensure that they can't be read by anyone else even if you were to send them by accident. The ability to bulk-send documents if you need to, and to check an audit log of your storage and a history of it, too, are all just more tools to ensure that you can make the most of your file storage, not just leave things to wither in it. 

WondershareWondershare's Document Cloud is the best way to back up your documents photo 5

It all adds up to a platform that can do more with your files than other competitors you might have used before. 

Easy team management

One of the other areas where Document Cloud can make your life way easier is in team management - if you have a bunch of people working on a small pool of documents, you'll know how quickly things can get chaotic if people are saving new versions over each others' work. 

Document Cloud makes it really easy to add team members to your plan, giving them access to whatever you deem they need, via a clever authorization system. You can also set some users as Admins, so that they have a bit more control.

WondershareWondershare's Document Cloud is the best way to back up your documents photo 11

This lets you easily see who has tasks awaiting completion, who's already finished what they were meant to be working on. It's a great tool for keeping track of your team's progress, cleverly built into Document Cloud's other features. 

Amazing integration

Of course, Wondershare has a whole range of amazing apps offering other features including video editing, photo manipulation, audio recording and more, and one of the other major plusses to using Document Cloud is how it will integrate with these over time. 

Wondershare has already fully integrated it with PDFelement, its superb app for editing and creating new PDF files, to let you automatically save your files to the cloud, access them and edit them entirely through the web. That means that even if you're out and about with just your smartphone, you can easily log on and edit a PDF, something that would be unthinkable to a lot of people without Wondershare's help.

WondershareWondershare's Document Cloud is the best way to back up your documents photo 9

This integration will spread to more Wondershare apps to create an ecosystem that's super-powerful, letting you do a wide range of tasks remotely. That's just a sampling of the reasons why Document Cloud is the answer for you, but there's another big reason to try it out now. Wondershare is running a huge 50% off discount, slashing the price of its paid plans in half. So, it's the perfect time to sign up and store your files in the cloud.