(Pocket-lint) - Tutorials are a simple yet useful way to assist with the how-to videos which are powerful as well while utilizing a webcam recorder to add webcam film to a video. This is a basic method to build commitment and assist watchers with interfacing with your video content. 

The screen and audio recorder is necessary regardless of whether you're attempting to add webcam film to the side of a preparation video or you need to begin a video with a live presentation. This article is here to walk you through the means to make a video from your webcam and utilize your camera facility of your PC.

What is the best screen recorder with a webcam?

A webcam is a pretty flexible device in your video creation tool compartment. You can utilize them to use as video recordings, to make instructional recordings, or add character to any video. In addition to that, the webcam recorder software also helps you to record the tutorials and make your audience believe that you’re the one behind the scenes as well. 

If you should simply make webcam recordings, a basic webcam recorder may work, yet if you are making item demos, preparing recordings, or different kinds of directions you need to have the option to catch everything on your screen, including the webcam, you would need a handy toolkit that can do all your tasks with a single interface. For this purpose, here we’re introducing the DemoCreator screen recorder as an advanced toolkit to empower all the necessities required to do the above-mentioned tasks.

How to start recording your screen and webcam with DemoCreator

So far, if you’re thinking of performing a vital task with your webcam and recording assignments, then you’re at the right place as Wondershare DemoCreator is here to make the difference. The best part is, in this section, we’ve already explained the step-by-step guide to performing the powerful yet handy task with this software. Here’s how you can do that.

1. Setting your screen size, frame rate, and other parameters

As soon as you launch the Wondershare DemoCreator screen recorder, you shall be open to deal with the basic recording tools such as screen size, frame rate, screen resolution and other efficient recording features as this software allows you to perform all these basics right at the start of the recording: 


2. Setting up your webcam recording

With the Wondershare DemoCreator screen recorder, you can perform the webcam screen recording as well. To do that, hit the integrated webcam feature you can seat the main part of the recording interface as follows: 


3. Enable Screen Drawing Tool 

Sometimes, while recording the tutorial screen, you need to perform the real-time actions so you can clearly explain to your audience your live actions. To do that with DemoCreator screen recorder, simply opt for the Screen Drawing Tool slider available at the bottom of the screen recording window as follows:


4. Spotlight Feature

Now as soon as you enabled the screen drawing functionality, it opens several features to you with the menu bar situated at the top of the screen. To proceed with the spotlight menu from the list, hit the Spotlight button from that menu bar as follows:


5. Set up your audio

The most important part in the screen recording or webcam recording is the audio recording and with Wondershare DemoCreator screen recorder, you can do that efficiently as with the straight-forward button of the microphone as follows:


Editing your video

As soon as you’re done with the video recording or webcam recording task and you’re thinking of giving your recording a professional touch then this section is for you as here we’re going to explain the editing process of your recordings with the Wondershare DemoCreator screen recorder. Follow the steps below to do that. 

1. Webcam first, a video second

Now as you can see your recording right within the media files section of the editor as follow, you can simply drag and drop the masterpieces recorded by the DemoCreator screen recorder, you can add your specified recordings within your desired layer within the timeline as follow: 


Start by dragging your webcam footage from the media bin to the timeline.  Then, drag the other video files to the timeline and make sure they’re positioned directly after the webcam footage.

2. Picture-in-Picture

With Wondershare DemoCreator, you can easily make a Picture-in-Picture effect of your own which is a renowned PIP effect in the editing world. To do that, you can drag and drop the preferred image or recorded footage on the top of the timeline layer so it may appear over the beneath layered footage and in this way, you can create a picture-in-picture classy effect right with the comfort of Wondershare DemoCreator editing interface. 


To create that cool picture-in-picture effect, start by dragging the video to the timeline.  Then, drag the webcam footage to the track above the video. Think of these tracks as pictures in a stack. The topmost track is on top of the pile and anything underneath can be covered up by what’s on top. After adding the webcam footage, resize, and position the preview on the canvas to make yourself look good.

3. Zoom & Pan

In DemoCreator video editor, you can find the Zoom and Pan function in the effect Tab. You can drag and drop the Zoom & Pan function effect on the video track, drag the round icon to decide start and end area, select your desired ratio such as 16:9, 4:3, 1:1, 9:16 or set a custom ratio, and zoom out, zoom in, pan right, pan left or swap the start and End areas. Choose the pan and zoom position or range freely drag the cross icon to change the position or drag the corners of the frame to scale.


Adding Eye-Catchy Effects

  • Wondershare DemoCreator screen recorder also allows you to perform the basic to the pro-level transformation of your recordings with its built-in powerful features. You can also bring colors and introduce titles and various elements to your recordings with its features. 
  • You can add captions to your videos so your viewers can have a better idea of the upcoming slideshow of your video phase. To do that, hit the Captions menu at the left corner of the screen interface as follows:
  • You can also bring innovations to your webcam recordings just by overseeing the Annotations menu at the menu bar of the software interface as follows:
  • The best part is, you can also include the effects and especially green screen effects transformation with this software which is a pro-level task or if you’re a competent video content creator. But with this software, even if you’re a rookie in this regard, you can easily and effectively perform these effects editing in your recordings just by visiting the Effects menu of the vertical menu bar of this software as follows: 
  • You can also introduce various stickers and sticky notes to your video phases so your viewer can have a visual representation of your video content in an effective way. You can perform the stickers altering just by visiting the Stickers menu of this software at the left side of the software interface as follows: 
  • With the audio editing feature of DemoCreator, you can perform the Audio Fade-in/Fade-out functionality with the single click right within the timeline of video editor. To proceed with the Fade-in feature, drag the left-side slider to your required position to align the audio according to your desired perspective, and hit the right-sided slider to adjust it accordingly.

How to Export the Video

  • Finally, now if you’re done with the recording to editing task of your webcam recordings and screen recordings with this efficient recording software, now is the time to oversee what you were doing and what have you done with your webcam and screen recordings with the Export feature of this software. You can also share your masterpiece with the audience directly as well. 
  • To save and export your video with this software, here’s how you can do that by simply hitting the Export button at the top right corner of the screen as follows:
  • This shall eventually open up the export window of this software where you can have a variety of settings to opt for while exporting your masterpiece to your PC. You can easily pick up the quality factor of your video as well as the format with which it shall be exported to your computer. 
  • Meanwhile, you can also go for the direct sharing of your screen and audio recorder masterpiece to the audience out there which means you can share it directly with the YouTube audience as well. For that purpose, you have to sign in to your YouTube account into this software as follows:
  • Now as you’re signed in to your YouTube channel account, you can easily opt for a direct way of sharing your masterpiece to your audience so you don’t have to waste time while exporting and then uploading it to YouTube. Wondershare DemoCreator has solved this assignment for you as well. So, hit it up with the direct sharing option of this software.  


Wondershare DemoCreator software is perfect for presentation Recording, online learning, and video tutorials to share with people, game recording to elaborate gaming experiences. Regardless of whether you want to create a new screen recording, or edit together some existing clips, you can find DemoCreator very useful to get your tasks done efficiently.