All these things were made by AI and don't actually exist

Fake news, deep fakes and AI-generated content. The web is rife with these things. We've collected a few for your enjoyment.  (image credit: Phillip Wang/Tero Karra/thispersondoesnotexist)
Everyone loves a good meme. So why not apply artificial intelligence to create some new ones. That's just what ImgFlip has done.  (image credit: ImgFlip)
These AI-generated cats are fairly convincing and they're not likely to cause you any allergy problems, which is a bonus.  (image credit: thiscatdoesnotexist)
This Pony Does Not Exist is a site that displays a colourful grid of AI-generated pony portraits created using Nvidia's StyleGAN2 architecture.  (image credit: arfafax)
Here's a site that generates vehicles that never existed. All sorts of weird and wonderful cars that you've never seen on the road and never will.  (image credit: thisautomobiledoesnotexist)
This City Does Not Exist is an impressive website showing various aerial images of Cities that don't actually exist. (image credit: Tero Karras)
The creator of "This Eye Does Not Exist" thinks people could use this site to come up with new make-up ideas. Make-up inspired by AI. (image credit: Gonçalo Abreu)
Inspired by zoology, botany and archaeology imagery, This Beetle Does Not Exist is certainly fascinating and stands out as being quite plausible. (image credit: cunicode)
This interesting addition to our list takes something that doesn't exist and turns it into a physical thing that does. Yes, you can this art printed. (image credit: Danielle Baskin)
This is a site that creates fake artwork with simple tweaks to settings to change aspects of it. The results are weird, wonderful and certainly unique.  (image credit: Joel Simon)
Like the portraits, these painted scenes of colourful and beautiful landscapes do not actually exist but instead have been created using GANS. (image credit: Joel Simon)
This might look like a painting by master painter Rembrandt, but it's actually been crafted by technology.  (image credit: ING)
Here GANs have been used to create fake vessels that are then generated, judged and improved upon. (image credit: Derek Philip Au)
This StylleGAN2-ADA was fed 20,000 images of beaches to allow it to create some curious beach views of places that don't exist. (image credit: Vojtech Semecky)
It seems like AI might be pretty good at making artwork. Especially abstract works of art that cause you to be puzzled when you look at them anyway.  (image credit: thisartworkdoesnotexist)
This dog does not exist. Instead, it was created, along with the rest of the photo, using Google's AI known as Imagen.  (image credit: GOOGLE RESEARCH, BRAIN TEAM)
This was crafted using Nvidia Canvas, a free app that uses artificial intelligence to turn your digital paintings into lifelike images in real-time.  (image credit: Pocket-lint)
The people that you see in this collection of images do not exist and never have. They have been created by a generative adversarial network. (image credit: Phillip Wang/Tero Karra/thispersondoesnotexist)