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(Pocket-lint) - Addison Lee has adopted what3words, integrating the intuitive location finding tech into its booking tools in order to help London passengers or delivery pickups be located more accurately.

What3words generates three random words for three-metre square locations around the world. The entire global map is disected into those squares and every three-word result is unique. Therefore, a cab booked using those words will be able to locate a passenger within the relatively tiny square.

The developer behind the tech also released its own app, 3WordGo, earlier this year that enables customers to book an Uber using the same precise location-finding service.


Now you can enter a what3words location directly into the Addison Lee app or online booking system too, which will tell a driver exactly where you are.

"Among the millions of journeys and deliveries we do every year, there’ll always be some that need extra detail due to London’s wonderful scale and complexity," said Addison Lee's CEO, Liam Griffin.

"Our partnership with what3words will give us the extra accuracy to get our customers and deliveries to the exact right location - whether that’s the right office doors for your job interview or the gift to the deliveries entrance."

You can find out your what3words location online here, or through dedicated apps for iOS and Android.

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