(Pocket-lint) - Waze has added another audio partner - bringing Amazon Music into the fold for and integrated experience.

Waze is one of the most popular smartphone-based navigation apps, giving you the power of Google combined with the fun and refreshing Waze way of navigating. It's fast, responsive and thanks to the huge community of Wazers on the road, it really good at picking up on things like traffic delays and other road problems, like stopped vehicles and pot holes.

Waze is more than just a satnav app, however, integrating other skills so you don't have to spend your time switching apps on your phone to get it to do what you want. The addition of Amazon Music means that subscribers to the service can get access to that music for streaming simply and easily.

Waze already supports services like Spotify, BBC Sounds, TuneIn and more.

All you have to do is open Waze and tap the music note icon and then select Amazon Music as your player of choice. If you have the Amazon Music app open and Waze directions running, you'll continue to get directions within the music app.

The new integration will be available from today, just make sure that you're signed into both Waze and Amazon Music before you hit the road.

Writing by Chris Hall.