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(Pocket-lint) - There aren't many things as heartbreaking as finally finding an old video file that you've been looking for, then trying to view it and finding out that it's either broken in some way or has become corrupted at some point.

Thankfully, there's a way you can get them back - Repairit Online , Wondershare's video repair service. It can be a real life-saver when you're in need, rescuing you from those pits of despair, and can also be used either online or with a desktop app, making it super flexible to your needs. Here are just some of the reasons why Repairit Online should be your default choice for video repair. 

Loads of video formats

One of the things that can be a little intimidating for many people about video files that they've taken on cameras, drones, smartphones, or anything else, is that they might be stored in a whole range of different formats, beyond the typical .mov and .mp4 standards that most of us are used to.


This can mean that many video repair services can't work with them, as they don't support rarer types of video. That's not the case for Repairit Online, though, which works with more than 10 video format types, encompassing all the major formats, on its desktop version. This means you can be confident that your video can be repaired, even if it wasn't taken on a new Android smartphone recently. 

After all, it's the older videos in your collection that are probably more likely to run into issues, so it's really reassuring that Repairit Online can handle them, too. 

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Total privacy

Whether you're taking care of your local files, or uploading them to be repaired, Repairit Online is completely clear about who has access to your videos, because it's just one single person - you. It takes privacy incredibly seriously, with protocols in place to ensure that only you have access.

That means that even if you're repairing videos that are private to you and your loved ones, you can be confident that no one has any ability to access your private data and files, which is an assurance that you won't find from every repair option on the market by a long stretch. 

Component damage or quality issues

There are a variety of ways in which videos can be damaged, though, which aren't just as simple as resolution issues or stuttering. You might have found that metadata about a file has gone missing or become corrupted, or you might be running into quality issues with the video itself.

Repairit Online can diagnose and repair both these issues, in their complexities and peculiarities, and fix a whole host of issues with playback including black screen, not playing, freezing, flickering, stuttering, blur, audio out of sync, no sound, and more. 

Or, if you're running into a baffling error code that you can't understand when you try to play the video back, like 0xc00d36c4,0xc1010103or any number of others, Online Repairit can also interpret and fix those issues, which would be so much harder to do on your own. 

Desktop or web-based

One of the best aspects of Online Repairit's entire system is that there are two parts to it - firstly, you can access Repairit Online, using a stripped-back interface to perform simple tasks and repairs remotely and easily. 

This is perfect for when you need to repair a small clip quickly, and don't have access to your main work computer, and can have your results ready really quickly. However, if you have a more complex, or larger video file that needs attention, then the downloadable desktop app is the thing for you.

Available for either Windows or Mac systems, it unlocks the full power of Repairit Online for you, letting you fix video files without any file size limits, run multiple files through at once, and receive the widest range of possible file types. It's the real experience and makes everything so easy to accomplish.

If you've got some video files in need of repair, look no further - you can try Repairit today to get started and make sure that you never get left with broken video files again. 

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