(Pocket-lint) - Cloud storage has been a massive boon to most internet users over the last however many years - we've gone from having to store all of our files locally to being able to upload them and forget about them, freeing up space on our devices.

However, many of the services that we use to store our bits and pieces, whether they're photos we don't want to lose, or files we need access to remotely, cost money to keep using. That might be to raise the limit of what you can store, or just for any access at all. If you're tired of these costs and are moving from one service to another, though, you can sometimes run into issues when it comes to how to actually transfer your files.

That's where apps like Wondershare's InClowdz come in - letting you turn these processes, like how to migrate from Dropbox to Google Drive, for example, from a hassle into child's play. We'll run you through a few of the ways that InClowdz makes data transfer super easy. 

Change platform easily

Between Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, and more, there are so many ways to store your files and so many places where you might have things stored without remembering or realizing. If you want to move files from one to the other, there aren't many tools to help you, but InClowdz is one. 

All you have to do is make an account, then link it to your storage accounts, which will let you move things between them really easily and quickly, all in the cloud. In fact, you can manage all your platforms in one place, using InClowdz as your hub, which is way easier than having multiple services bookmarked, each with its own interface and menus. 

InClowdz has a super clear interface of its own, meanwhile, all held together by its "Migrate" button, which simply and easily starts the process of moving files from one platform to another - it's as easy as pressing that one button to get started.

Migrate to or from Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the very best storage systems out there - it's got loads of capacity and a pretty good interface. With InClowdz, you can easily transfer Dropbox to Google Drive, and even sync Dropbox to Google Drive if you want to keep both services moving forward so that they both back up the same files.

Alternatively, if you're tired of Google Drive and like another service more, you can of course use InClowdz to move your Google Drive files to Dropbox, or to Box, or OneDrive - indeed, to whatever platform you link to InClowdz. 

That's a freeing change, which means you don't have to feel locked into any one service or platform. It also means that you can rest easy about storage, and stop worrying that you might have accidentally left some key forgotten files or photos on a platform that you no longer use regularly. 

Cut out the busywork

The key here is cutting out a massive amount of busywork for yourself - without a service like InClowdz, you could find yourself having to manually download all of your files, before re-uploading them to the platform you've chosen.

Whether you're downloading from Dropbox or Google Drive, that could take absolutely ages if you have a lot stored away, especially on a less stellar internet connection, and you might also have to manually select all your files. Then you'll have to re-upload them to the new platform, which for most people will take even longer since upload speeds are way slower than downloads.

All in all, it could take hours or days, whereas using Wondershare InClowdz could slim this down massively, giving you time to get on with other jobs, or your life! By setting up a synced set of accounts, too, you can basically be confident that your files aren't just being backed up to one location, but to two, giving you added peace of mind that many people would love to have. 

Secure and safe

One more major benefit to using InClowdz is that you can be confident in the security of your files - it's a 100% secure platform, and there's no risk of data loss, so your precious files won't be in any danger of deletion or loss. 

Plus, you can take advantage of any number of other apps offered by Wondershare to do other transfers, including phone-to-phone transfers or WhatsApp backups, if you like, giving you even more options to explore when it comes to staying in control of your files. 

Best of all, you can try InClowdz completely free right now, by visiting Wondershare's website. If you like what you see, you can get started from just $9.95 for a 1-month plan, although you can also use a free account in perpetuity if you prefer!