(Pocket-lint) - If you're interested in using a VPN to secure an added layer of privacy and security for yourself as you browse the web, you might be in the process of discovering that the market is absolutely full of suspect-looking products making outlandish claims.

The sensible bet is to stick with one of the bigger names and there's none bigger than NordVPN, one of the most widely-used and trusted VPNs the world over. It's a super-slick and quick platform that'll have you masking your identity in no time. Best of all, though, it's ringing in the fall with a massive Cyber Deal, knocking a huge 68 per cent off the price of a two-year subscription, and throwing in a bonus as well, when you buy your deal, you'll be allocated one of a 1-month, 1-year or 2-year extension completely for free, at random!

It's a brilliant lucky dip on top of a superb deal, so be sure to visit NordVPN's website to find out more. But why should you pick NordVPN? We've got a few reasons to run through below. 

Privacy first

The biggest reason most people get a VPN is to mask their identity and stop themselves from being tracked all over the web, whether they're using private modes on browsers or not. NordVPN scrambles your identity by passing it through a remote, encrypted server, making it impossible for corporations and websites to use cookies to track you as you move around the web. 

That means waving goodbye to endless ads for products you viewed once but don't actually want, and saying hello to your interests being completely private to you. Since it's not based in the US or EU, too, NordVPN won't be handing over any details to anyone on your behalf - it's a return to the days where strangers couldn't just find out whatever they want about you at a low price. 

Super speed

One thing that marks NordVPN out from many of its competitors, too, is that it manages to keep you private without compromising your internet speeds, whereas other VPNs will often see your broadband stutter and lag as it passes through remote servers. 

Nord has invested heavily in complex systems to ensure this doesn't happen to its users, including the NordLynx update it pushed out earlier this year, which makes its VPN service one of the very fastest you can invest in anywhere. 

Be a digital tourist

Of course, privacy and security aren't the only benefits that you gain from using NordVPN - there are a bunch of ways in which it can be useful to assume a variety of locations around the world as you browse. It can be useful for price comparisons across region-locked websites, and most commonly for accessing content that might not be available where you live, like streaming video catalogs and more. 

This means that you can be a sort of digital tourist, chopping and changing around the world to suit your own needs, rather than those of big companies who want to track you. If that all sounds like a compelling set of reasons to give NordVPN a try, we think it's worth reiterating how good the current Cyber Deal is.

Until 1 December 2020, you can get a two-year membership for an absolutely massive 68 per cent off, but the clincher is that chance for even more savings. When you check out, you'll either get a 1-month, 1-year or 2-year subscription added to your membership at no additional cost! Head to the NordVPN website to find out more and take advantage.