(Pocket-lint) - TikTok's platform may have exploded across the last couple of years, but some parts of its user experience have been and are still slightly unpolished. One of these areas has been the reporting for users when one of their videos is taken down from the service.

In most cases, you would just get a slightly vague message about your post having violated the app's community guidelines, without a precise explanation of what was wrong with the content you uploaded.

Now, though, a change is coming - TikTok says it's improving how reporting is handled. When a user has their video deleted, they should instead be giving not only the explanation that the community guidelines were violated, but be pointed toward which guideline in particular was the issue. 

They'll also continue to have the option to launch an appeal against the deletion, opening up the possibility that it could be reinstated. That might be a kettle of fish for TikTok to actually keep on top of, but it's a positive step for the community. 

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On a more granular level, TikTok says it's also working to refine how its reporting notifications work, so that people can be presented not only with information about the platform when they need it, but also find outside help if content they've seen has affected them. 

The changes should be live now, and you can read the full detail about them on TikTok's blog

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.