(Pocket-lint) - Anyone who's worked on a design project with more than one collaborator can likely attest to how complicated things can get, and how quickly that can come about. 

Most projects will use some sort of prototyping tool to ensure that everyone's singing from the same choir sheet and that the people in charge can see what the current idea is without it running on too long. However, the quality of those tools can vary drastically, and a sub-standard one can be fairly ruinous. 

That's where Wondershare comes in with Mockitt, a superb prototyping tool that can quickly help you build interactive and clickable prototypes.

Special time-limited offer

Right now, Pocket-lint readers can take advantage of a special introductory offer, getting a year of Mockitt's Personal plan for just $59 (normally $99), or of its Enterprise plan for $89 (originally $159).

What makes Mockitt so good, though? We'll run you through a few reasons. 

All online, all cloud-based

One key to a platform that's going to be used by a whole team is that it's easily accessed by all of them, whether they're working on PCs, Macs, or on mobile at times. That's why Mockitt is entirely online, and cloud-based, to make sure that wherever you are, and whatever device you're logging in from, you can check in to the prototype and get your work done.

No more waiting for apps to update, or for files to download - you just connect to the web and get going. This means that teams can be super agile and make changes on the fly, even during presentations. 

Super intuitive

Of course, it's also really important that the web interface across all platforms is super easy to use, to make for quick workflows and collaboration, and Mockitt is superb on that side too. Whether it's simple, drag-and-drop operation, or just clear layouts and interfaces that make it obvious where you should be looking for certain functions, you'll never get lost in its menus. 

Whether you're browsing the different prototypes you've got going on, checking out resources for one of them, or just adjusting your own design templates, everything flows smoothly and works quickly, which is any designer's dream. 

Rich library to call on

Speaking of templates, one of the things that mark Mockitt out from some of its competitors is the presence of a large library of templates and assets to help you work.

While coming up with something bespoke, from scratch, might be sensible and worthwhile some of the time, on other occasions a quick prototype needs to be ready in minutes, not hours. That's when having a swathe of templates to pick from, and countless media assets to insert for flavor can make for really rapid turnarounds to stun any supervisors or audiences. 


Easy to collaborate and share

When it comes to working together on pages or prototypes, the best platforms make the process truly collaborative - with Mockitt you can work on the same exact documents and projects at the same time and see each others' updates in real-time.

This makes working while on a group call or in a meeting super responsive and stops people from accidentally repeating the work that someone else has already done, a cardinal sin. You can also share parts or all of your projects really quickly and easily, restricting access to certain segments or exporting into popular formats at the press of a button. This makes the iteration process really reliably quick, which is a relief for all project managers. 


Free to use

Of course, Mockitt sounds pretty impressive but that wouldn't help if it was astronomically expensive. In fact, Mockitt can be tried out completely free without any expiration - it has a free tier that will let you work on complex prototypes without spending a cent. 

If you want to start collaborating with a team and working on more than three projects at once, you can upgrade to either of Mockitt's paid memberships, the Personal or Enterprise plans, to unlock more tools and power, and still pay just $59 a year for Personal or $89 for Enterprise using our code - prices that put the market to shame.

To find out even more details about exactly how Mockitt could be perfect for your projects and prototypes, check out the Wondershare website, here