(Pocket-lint) - Instagram is a superb platform for expressing creativity and showing off how you look at the world - plus you can see what other people get up to, too, with their posts, stories and more. However, it can sometimes feel a little bit like the photos that get uploaded to the platform get stuck in crystal once they're live.

There's no easy way to download photos from Instagram, or indeed other information about a profile, even in the case of your own pictures, which can be frustrating if you change phones, or can mean that it's hard to keep track of profiles or images you see that inspire you. T

hat's where 4K Stogram comes in - it's an amazing app that can help you to download everything you'd want from an Instagram profile. We've got details on what makes it so great, below. 

Backup profiles with ease

The key to 4K Stogram's success is its core offering - letting you really easily search for an account and download its photos without any hassle. Whether it's your own account or another public feed, you'll get a quick backup of the posts, whether they're photos or videos, and be able to download them to your computer for offline viewing.

This means that a mood board of inspiring photographs, or a backup of your own carefully curated feed, doesn't have to be something that takes ages to compile or that relies on low-resolution screenshots you take manually yourself. It'll save you tons of time and effort. 

4K Stogram

See what others see

Another superb feature that 4K Stogram offers, which can be really useful in a range of contexts, is the ability to see a feed exactly as another user would. Say your best friend is away on holiday, and you want to check out what their Instagram feed looks like with all the new accounts they've found on their travels. You can subscribe to their feed, and see it in real-time as if it were your own. It's the perfect way to see what's inspiring your loved ones. 

It can also be great if you're a parent, though, letting you remotely check out what accounts your kids are following and make sure that there's no inappropriate material filtering through to their feeds. 

Grab your saved posts

If you think that you don't fancy downloading an entire feed's worth of photos without knowing what they'll all be, 4K Stogram has a handy feature to make it easy to get a more curated list of photos backed up and downloaded. You can opt to save your own list of saved posts, which are likely to be the ones you've enjoyed the very most over your time on Instagram. 

Best of all, this feature can set any images you add to your saved list automatically, so you don't have to re-download the collection every so often. Instead, it'll organically grow as you save more and more incredible photos. 

4K Stogram

Export your subscriptions

Anyone who has multiple Instagram accounts for different purposes will know the pain of trying to work out which accounts are following, or are followed by, which other handles. It can be a real nightmare, and Instagram's own tools for this are pretty basic.

Luckily, 4K Stogram thought of this too, by giving you the option to super quickly export your subscription whenever you like, to keep it safe. Then, after whatever you're doing is completed, whether it's account maintenance or updating, you can import the list again to make sure that it's exactly as you want it to be. That'll give you real peace of mind. 

These are just some of the superb features that make 4K Stogram such a useful tool if you're using Instagram a lot - it'll help you organise your feed in countless ways, and ensure that nothing valuable is ever lost, whether accounts get deleted or you lose a smartphone. Plus, you can sign up to try it out for free, before working out if its paid subscriptions make sense for you. Visit the 4K Stogram website to find out more and download the app.