(Pocket-lint) - We all use our phones constantly, in many cases checking them hundreds of times a day and relying on them to make sure that our life flows smoothly and predictably. We, of course, also store so much important data on them, between our personal photos, chat logs and app data.

When they start to break, though, whether because we've dropped them one time too many, or because they're just a bit old, or for any other reason, it can be a real nightmare. One really common issue that iPhone users encounter, for example, is that their iPhone keeps restarting without them asking it to do so. 

This can make it impossible to use your phone properly, but it doesn't have to be the end of the line. If you're having this problem, one app that could be a total lifesaver is Dr.Fone - a solution that can solve countless problems that might crop up for your smartphone. We're going to use an iPhone that keeps restarting as an example of how it can help. 

How to fix it when your iPhone keeps restarting

For many people, if their iPhone starts developing a big problem that seems to be related to its software, whether that's the iPhone restarting all the time, or the iPhone getting stuck on the Apple logo screen when it turns on, there are only really expensive or inconvenient solutions available. 

You might go to the Apple Store and have to pay a big repair fee to have the phone fixed, or go to a non-licensed store and risk their phone breaking because of a cheaper repair job. In either case, you will probably end up not having your phone for a few days or weeks while it's fixed. Alternatively, you might just give up and buy a new phone, which could be the most expensive solution of all. 

Technical solutions can be found, like factory resetting your phone or connecting it to iTunes to reset it completely, but in many cases these open you up to the risk of losing data like precious photos, or downloaded music. That's the worst-case scenario, really, because even if your phone works like it should, you want to have access to all the data you had before.


If instead, you download Dr.Fone to your computer and use it to diagnose and repair the problems on your iPhone, you'll be taking an amazing shortcut to get your phone back to normal, without the risks. 

You just download the software to your computer, whether it's a PC running Windows or a Mac, and open it up once it's installed. It only takes a few minutes to get ready, then you're off and away. Next, you should connect your iPhone to your computer using its charging cable, or any other lightning cable you have access to. 

Dr.Fone will automatically detect the phone and you will have a few options for what to do. The simplest is likely to be running a firmware fix that will redownload the proper, stable version of your iPhone's ideal software, then reinstall it on your phone without any hassle. This should fix your issue and let you get back to enjoying your iPhone without any problems or annoyances. If you still have problems, you can try other solutions, too, all through Dr.Fone's simple and well-designed app. 

What's amazing, too, is the sheer range of problems Dr.Fone can solve for your iPhone, whether it's stuck in recovery mode, stuck in DFU mode, has a white or black screen of death, has completely frozen, returns error 9006 or any one of many other issues. Connecting your phone to Dr.Fone means you don't have to accept these as phone-killers, but can continue to use it as normal after a quick fix. 

You can download Dr.Fone right now for PC or Mac to try it out for yourself, and if you opt for the full toolkit available, you'll get a whole host of other amazing tools, from backup transfers to data recovery and WhatsApp transfers, and many more. Plus, loads of these functions actually work on Android phones as well - this means that if you ever want to swap from your iPhone to an Android you don't have to worry about protecting your phone from errors or problems.

Visit the Dr.Fone website to find out more about the full toolkit, and to sign up for the plan that best suits you. You can get an annual license for the iPhone only version of Dr.Fone for just $139.95, or opt for the full toolkit $149.95, giving you the full range of options.