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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung has launched its digital debit card in the UK.

The Samsung Pay Card is powered by online payment system Curve and sits on your Samsung device, ready to be used to pay for items wirelessly and on the internet.


It effectively simplifies payments, gives you a detailed view of what you have purchased, and even rewards you for making transactions.

You can add the details of your Mastercard and Visa debit and credit cards and, instead of having to choose each individual card for payments each time, you just use the Samsung Pay Card.

It will deduct the spend from the default associated card, but if the wrong one was chosen you can even switch it after the transaction.

The card requires a Curve account, which you can set up through your supporting Samsung device, and all details are available through the Curve app.

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It will also ask you to choose three of your favourites retailers and, whenever you shop with them, you will earn 1 per cent cashback. You will also get 5 per cent cashback on anything bought through Samsung.com.

Samsung Pay Card is available in the UK now on Samsung Galaxy S series phones from the S6 up, the Note series, A series and Samsung's smartwatches.

Writing by Rik Henderson.