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(Pocket-lint) - LastPass has been updated with new tools that'll actively monitor your passwords and let you know if any of them are compromised. 

This includes dark web monitoring that automatically checks your logins against lists of compromised passwords discovered on the dark web. Via a new security dashboard, you'll then get an email to let you know what's happened and which account/password is at risk. 


These notifications should mean you can easily keep on top of your password security and keep everything ship-shape. 

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We've always recommended using a unique secure password and password management tool and these updates only help improve your online security. 

As you'd expect, the enhanced features are part of the software's paid plans, but even the free version of LastPass will let you know if your passwords are at risk because they're not unique, weak or otherwise flawed. 

As a free alternative, you can use "Have I been pwned" to be quickly notified if any of your accounts are discovered online as part of a list of compromised ones exposed by hackers. 

We'd also highly recommend using two-factor authentication wherever you can to make it harder for people to access your accounts even if they do manage to get hold of your password. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.
  • Source: New LastPass Security Dashboard and Dark Web Monitoring Now Available - blog.lastpass.com
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