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(Pocket-lint) - Zoom is adding a number of new features to help improve the quality of your video calls including funky filters, skin smoothing options and more. 

If you feel like your Zoom calls aren't quite cool enough or you could do with a little more help to be that bit more professional, then these updates should help. 


Firstly, Zoom is adding Snapchat like filters so you can add rabbit ears, a bushy moustache or some other hilarity to your video calls. 

Alongside these silly and playful filters, you can also add colour filters to your camera to make it look a little more interesting. Whether that's just making your feed appear with sepia, black and white or something else. 

Zoom is also adding options that allow you to "touch up" your camera view to improve how you look. Ideal if you've just woken up and don't feel your best. This includes skin smoothing and lighting adjustments. 

Another highlight is the sound options Zoom is adding. The company has made it simple to automatically reduce background noise on your calls. 

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This update is designed to remove fan noise, cars in the distance, yapping dogs and more. Perfect for making your calls that bit more professional. A welcome move by all no doubt!

Writing by Adrian Willings.
  • Source: Filters, Reactions, Lighting & More! New Features to Liven Up Your Meetings - blog.zoom.us
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