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(Pocket-lint) - Before buying software or an application from the internet, there is always a question in the consumers' minds about the legitimacy of the program they are buying.

Apart from the software product, another digital product most people look for on the internet is the license keys for renewing or buying software, computer game, or other utility products.

As the number of internet users increases, there is a surge in the number of reported fraud cases. According to scamwatch, 167,801 fraud cases were reported in the year 2019, and the number is sure to get multiply in 2020, with the rise of online activities.

Buying a security solution product online is even riskier, considering the damage an illegitimate security product can do.

If you search for discounted digital products on the internet, you will find surplus sites; most of them are fake and attract customers based on fake coupons and discount offers. However, amidst the ocean of fraudster sites, there is an island of some legit sites too, that provide you 100% genuine digital products.

One of those legit sites is Worthwagon.com. At first, you may find its offers and discounts unrealistic, and categorize it under yet another fraud online store, but we assure you that is not the case with it.

Don't believe us? Well, read further and know why WorthWagon can be trusted and how you can save a lot of your money by using worthwagon.com to purchase your digital products such as antimalware and others.

What is WorthWagon?

WorthWagon is a product reseller online store and a blog site. The online store provides great deals and offers on a wide range of digital products such as security solution software, video editing programs, PC optimization applications, and others for all platforms like Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

On the other hand, the blog site provides resourceful information like comparisons and ratings of different software products, so that a user can make a wise decision while going for a product.

How can WorthWagon be trusted?

In today's world, it is fair to raise doubt if a website provides unbelievable offers, that too legally. However, WortWagon's way of selling products and providing after purchase support has made it a trusted source to get the software.

Here are some facts that will put an end to all your doubts.

1. Trustpilot Review

If you don't trust us, you can trust Trustpilot, at least. Trustpilot provides genuine customer reviews of different service and product providers. As you can see in the attached screenshot, WorthWagon is currently rated 4.6, with 259 verified reviews.

It is the most significant proof that customers are satisfied with the products and selling process of WorthWagon.

2. Website Security

When you visit Worthwagon.com, you can easily notice that the site is secured with the SSL certificate. An SSL certificate ensures that there is no thirty-party interference while customers are sharing their information on the site.

3. Payment Security

The payment method on WorthWagon is fully transparent and is carried out through PayPal. It is a big reason to trust WorthWagon because if PayPal handles your money, then they are in safe hands. The site does not save your card details, and there are no auto-renewals.

How to Save Money using WorthWagon for App Purchases?

Many people still believe in the logic that if a product is expensive, it will obviously be good. A brand tag with the product indeed makes it more trustable. However, that is not always correct.

Here is how using WorthWagon can save your money.

1. Discount Coupons

Usually, when you are looking to buy a software product, you might not find the discount coupons on the software's official website. This is because if someone needs that software on an urgent basis, they would immediately buy it at the given price.

However, WorthWagon always provides you with options to utilize whatever discounts are available.

2. Cheaper than Market

Since WorthWagon is a product reseller, they mass purchase the products directly from the manufacturer. Now, it is evident that the mass purchasing would lower the price for the individual product.

Further, the team at WorthWagon is an expert in market research. They thoroughly research for the discount offers and lower prices to integrate them on their website.

3. Customer Support

After-sale customer service is what makes WorthWagon look apart from other reseller websites. Using their support service is like driving on a highway, i.e., without any breakers. Once you buy a license or activation key from them, if you face any problem while installing and activating it, the technical support team is always there for you without any additional cost.

4. Return Period

Unlike other sellers like Amazon or eBay, there is no time-bound return period for WorthWagon customers. They would provide you with the license for a particular period, for example, six months. If your license stopped working during that period or you face any other problem, you can return it or sort out the issue with the technical team.

Bottom Line

Due to digitalization, we are in constant need of software products. Instead of getting the product from the official store, if you are getting the same at a much lower price, you must go for it. With WorthWagon, you can go for any product without worrying about any scam.