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(Pocket-lint) - Picking a VPN, or Virtual Private Network, without knowing a huge amount about the tech behind the services you're browsing, can feel a little like playing "pin the tail on the donkey". 

That's why it can be really useful to look in detail at a provider, so that you can feel more confident ahead of committing your money to their product. Take Surfshark as a great example - it's a superb VPN that's market-leading in a lot of respects. What exactly makes it so good, though? Unlike some other competitors, the details are there to explain, so read on to find out all you need to know. 

1. Surf the web safely and privately

The main reason to get yourself a VPN is to ensure that you're not being tracked every time you move your cursor online - cookies and trackers have become so common that many of us are being watched in ways we don't even realise, largely to serve us up ads for things we might want to buy.

It's tiring, and also a bit worrying, so signing up for Surfshark is a great shortcut to a more relaxed existence on the internet, and one which doesn't involve signing away your right to privacy. It's not about being able to do shady things in private - it's about being able to feel confident that your data belongs to you, not anyone else. 

2. Don't compromise on speed

One of the downsides that many users find when they sign up for a less well-known VPN, one that doesn't carry many guarantees, is that the speed of their internet connection can take a hit, as their data is rerouted. 

Surfshark takes that problem and rips it to shreds, though. Unlike some competitors, which have a dozen or so servers which could be far from your home and make for hugely slow speeds, Surfshark has more than 1,700 options in over 60 different countries. That means that it's always able to pick a server that'll get you optimal speed. 

All of this is done behind the scenes, meaning that you don't have to faff around trying to work out the best option for yourself - just hit "Connect" and you'll be away in seconds. 

3. Protocols you can trust

It's one thing to use a VPN, but another to be able to check on its policies and verify that it's treating your data responsibly. That's why Surfshark has a clear no-logs policy that isn't just a claim - it's fact-checked and independently audited on a regular basis to prove that it's doing the right thing. 

Even more outstanding is the way it's written the Terms of Service you'll agree to when you sign up. Unlike almost every other legal document and agreement we've read, it's actually written in plain English so that you can actually work out what it all means. 

4. Better browsing

Of course, if you're signing up for something like a VPN you'd like to think that you won't be limited to just using it on your primary laptop, which is why Surfshark has made sure that it has up-to-date apps for a range of platforms.

Whether it's an iPhone or Android smartphone, a Windows or Mac computer, or even a Fire TV device or display, you can get Surfshark's services on your hardware. Plus, you get some great little bonuses in the package, too, from ad-blocking online to a kill switch that lets you terminate your internet connection immediately if you think you're at risk. 

5. Enjoy regional content

Of course, once you're up and using your VPN regularly, there are loads of other benefits to be had, although probably the most attention-grabbing is your newfound ability to be a tourist when it comes to regional content. On a holiday and want to keep on watching that series you love? VPN yourself back home virtually - or do the reverse by trying out another country's version of Netflix. 

Plus, there's one of the biggest open secrets to Surfshark's amazing success in recent years - its superb pricing. Whereas other VPN providers will happily charge you way, way more for similar features or fewer options, Surfshark's amazing value means that you can get all of the benefits we've discussed for just $1.99 a month - that's the price of a small coffee, people. 

If it sounds enticing to you, head to the Surfshark website now to download it and give it a try today