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(Pocket-lint) - The working week is full of little challenges and rewards for most of us, moments that slow you down and occasions where you can speed up. Something that's a bit of a blocker for most of us, though, is scheduling.

Whether you're in an office environment or working from home, in a busy work space people's time is valuable, and finding slots for meetings and calls can be a nightmare. That's the problem the team at Calendar.AI saw, and it's one that their app has solved beautifully. How does it work, though, and what can it do? Read on to find out. 

Smart scheduling

One of the most tedious bits of any meeting is the set-up - and we don't mean putting water out and getting a room ready. We're talking scheduling. It can be a nightmare, whether because a senior team member doesn't have a slot free for a week, or because someone else will have to dip out after half an hour to feed their kids, or any number of other entirely reasonable reasons. 

With Calendar.AI, though, you can send out a meeting invite that doesn't have a set time yet, and get responses from potential attendees about the meeting itself, rather than its time slot. Everyone's integrated calendars can then be processed to find a slot that works for everyone, automatically. 

This puts the focus back on the content of the meeting, not the timing of it, and makes sure that you don't have to do complex juggling of timings and slots, letting you get back to your actual job sooner. It's a genius bit of streamlining. 

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Enriched data

If you're the one being invited to a meeting, though, you can sometimes feel a little left out in the dark about who else is attending, even if there's a list of names. 

With Calendar.AI, though, you get enriched information about attendees and contacts right there in the calendar meeting, letting you know more about them, from their position in a company to other contact details, to make sure that you're as well-prepared as possible.

This means you can wave goodbye to frantic Google and LinkedIn searches just before a meeting starts - you'll already know everything you need ahead of time. 

Time saved is money made

There's a lot to be said for saving time in business terms - the old adage about time being money rings true, and if you're spending a few minutes to schedule each meeting you have, and you have three meetings a day, that times adds up scarily quickly.

Before you know it, you're spending over an hour every week just on the task of scheduling meetings, let alone on preparing for them, between emails and calls back and forth and finding the right slots. That's time that you could spend better doing almost anything else, so the fact that one app like Calendar.AI could save you hours is persuasive to us. 

If you're interested to see how Calendar.AI could power up your working week, you can sign up to try the app from its website right here. Before you know it, you'll be getting time back you never even realised you were losing.