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(Pocket-lint) - All the best presentations and documents have exciting and interesting visual information to go with them - it's a key part of making an impact on people whether you're in a business setting or in your personal life.

That might mean diagrams, mind maps, flowcharts or any number of other options, but there aren't that many apps on the market which cater to visualisations like this. In particular, Microsoft's Visio is often people's first option. It's far from the only one, though, and Wondershare's Edraw Max is a brilliant alternative that's particularly brilliant for macOS users.

It's got a massive range of features and options, and is far more affordable than Visio, and we thought it would make great sense to walk you through some of the key reasons to choose Edraw Max.

Get it all in one

The best thing that software like Edraw Max can do is make sure that all your needs are catered to in one place, and if you're looking to make diagrams it's absolutely your one-stop-shop.

It can handle and produce every type of diagram under the sun, including flowcharts, business process diagrams, piping and instrumentation diagrams, genograms, electrical diagrams, organisational charts, project management diagrams and more. This means that whether you work in a highly technical industry, or you're looking to produce some simple but attractive charts, you'll be able to it all with Edraw Max.

In total, more than 280 types of diagram are supported in the software - we'd be interested to know if any us can even think of half as many types as that!

Cross-platform excellence

As we've said, Edraw Max is a superb option for Mac users looking for a great bit of design software - it's fully integrated and optimized for the platform and works extremely impressively. It's also uniquely set up to work really well if you're looking for a Visio alternative. It can read and import all Visio filetypes and let you edit them straight away, which means that you don't risk losing any work.

If you work on a different platform, meanwhile, Edraw Max is just as impressive. There are also versions for Windows and even Linux, all of which have the full set of features and options. In fact, you can even use Edraw Max on the web through your browser, which means that you can access it even if you're not on your own computer for a short while. 

This means that Edraw Max is super reliable and a great choice regardless of your platform or workflow - it can work on almost anything!

Amazing interface and options

The key to Edraw Max's success, though, isn't as simple as its wide range of diagrams - it's also incredibly easy to use. It has a drag and drop interface that makes it super simple to add new diagrams or details to a file, and you can also refer to over 1,500 built-in templates that are ready-made, to give you a shortcut when you need it. Find out more diagram templates in the Edraw templates center.

Plus, there's a library of more than 26,000 symbols that you can use in your designs, which means that no matter what sort of situation or quandary you're trying to explore, you'll have access to the options you need.

As you use Edraw Max, you should see that the interface is modelled on familiar ones from the likes of Microsoft Office, which makes it a cinch to pick it up and get going quickly. 

Unbelievable compatibility and pricing

Edraw Max is designed to ensure that it has compatibility with whatever file types you want to import or use, but it also lets you export your finished files a variety of ways, which is key. 

You can export your file to an editable PowerPoint presentation, or straight to Microsoft Word, or even as a PDF if you want to present it that way. This frees you up to send it on however you like. 

All these features are impressive, but perhaps Edraw Max's greatest feat comes in the form of its affordable pricing structure. You can get an Edraw Max license for almost 60% less than the cost of an equivalent purchase with Visio, which is a major saving. You can get a $99 annual license for Edraw Max, or opt for a lifetime license for just $179. Download Edraw Max right here to try it out for yourself.