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(Pocket-lint) - Discord, for those who know and use it - and there are 100 million worldwide users - is synonymous with gaming. Or, at least, that was the original idea. But that's about to change, as it drops the gaming focus to its branding.

"Looking ahead we [Discord] want to focus on the experiences and people that matter to you," says the voice-over on the company's Your Place To Talk video, posted 30 June 2020.

"That doesn't always include games. In many cases you told us it doesn't include games at all. You said you just want a reliable place for you and your friends to hang out and talk."

Sounds as though, in the at-home revolution where Zoom is on the rise, that Discord wants a piece of the bigger pie. And that's fair enough. It already offers plenty of chatroom features that you can't get elsewhere - especially for large groups, with bots and moderation tools - so to expand the appeal is the next logical step.

It's also something that's been naturally happening in recent times anyway. So to move away from its gamer-only branding is something the community started to do before the company decided to hit the big green button anyway.

Not that Discord is ditching games altogether of course. "Games will always be important to us... but really Discord is about you." Aw, how sweet.

Writing by Mike Lowe.