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(Pocket-lint) - Mozilla is working on updates to the open-source web browser that should help you protect and manage your passwords, as well as minimising email spam too. 

The latest version of Firefox includes an improved password manager in the form of Firefox Lockwise. This password manager allows you to get your passwords from the Logins and Passwords page in your browser, but only after confirming your computer's password.

This is similar to the way Chrome handles passwords and should ensure unwanted access to your data by others. Firefox Lockwise also helps to protect your passwords in other ways. 

This password system will alert you if your passwords are vulnerable because they're identical to those that have been compromised in a previous breach. A reminder to change your passwords and keep them unique. 

Lockwise also has a password generation system that allows you to generate secure passwords using a combination of letters, numbers and symbols to keep your accounts secure. 

Anti-spam email protection

Alongside these improvements to the browser itself, Mozilla is also testing a new experimental feature using a Firefox add-on. Known as Private Relay, this feature is designed to fill forms with a "unique, random, anonymous" email address in place of your personal one. Mozilla then forwards the emails to your own account so you still get access to the information you need. 

Private Relay is designed to allow you to simply delete that alias email address should it fall into the hands of spammers, thus protecting your precious inbox from harm. 

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At the moment, Private Relay is in an invite-only testing stage, but it is thought that it will roll out publicly later this year. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.