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(Pocket-lint) - Cybersecurity has never exactly been something to ignore, but it's fair to say that now more than ever it's a priority for countless people and organisations around the world. 

Norton has been on the forefront of that battleground for decades and is by some distance one of the most trusted names in antivirus, but that doesn't mean it's sitting still. 

It's constantly pushing forward with new features and offerings to make sure that its users get the best possible bang for their buck and to ensure that is competitors are left in the dust. We've gathered together five things that Norton's doing right now to make sure that it's still leading the way in antivirus in 2020.

1. Norton Mobile Security (protect all your devices)

Antivirus software is something that many of us associate primarily with our computers and laptops - devices on which we browse the web and download files. Except, over the last decade, that's become more and more outdated.

Most of us now do huge amounts of our reading and browsing on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, and it's entirely possible to fall foul of suspicious websites and malware on your phone. That's why Norton offers its Mobile Security service, which works for both Android and iOS to protect all of your devices, not just your computers. 

2. Norton Secure VPN

Of course, when it comes to cybersecurity another major change in expectations over the course of recent years has been people wanting more and more to be able to browse the web with actual privacy. As cookies and trackers have become totally ubiquitous and overreaching, more people have sought to use virtual private networks, or VPNs, to browse in privacy without being surveilled.

These services also have the added bonus of letting you mask your location, to access content designed for other regions in case you're interested in it. Norton, cannily, has its own VPN service, Secure VPN, which lets you get all these benefits, without worrying about signing up with a sketchy company with no track record. By getting both your antivirus protection and your VPN features from Norton, you get total peace of mind as you browse. 

3. Norton Family

Of course, the internet might be totally normalised and widespread in daily life at this point, but that doesn't mean that parents necessarily want their children to have complete and free access to it without safety barriers.

Norton Family is Norton's way of helping out - it lets you monitor what your kids are accessing, control that access and set time limits each day to stop them gorging too much. It's granular enough to help you weed out specific topics (like if they're getting a bit too addicted to Fortnite videos), while also simple enough to be a really quick service to set up.

Best of all, until May 31st you can get 6 free months of Norton Family when you sign up, letting you sample all of its best features for free. 

4. Norton Virus Protection Promise

Lots of companies make boasts about what their software can do, without much to back it up, but not quite so many are willing to talk about what will happen if their software fails. 

Norton is fully aware that new malware and viruses are propagating all the time, and isn't sitting on its laurels. It's got a promise that applies to customers, which means that in the event of its antivirus software failing to stop an infection, you can get directly in touch with its experts to try to fix the problem. 

If they can't do that, which isn't likely at all, you might get a refund for the cost of your software as a gesture of goodwill. You won't find too many other companies willing to make the same promises. 

5. Symantec’s Security Technology and Response (STAR) team

Part of why Norton's so confident that it won't need to give out refunds often is that it's got a dedicated team purely for the purpose of detecting and reacting to new threats and viruses, making sure that Norton's software is kept up-to-date and can combat all these new nasties. 

The team comprises security engineers, threat analysts and researchers, all working together to ensure that whatever new threats arise, you're well-placed to be able to effectively ignore it. It's a vital bit of infrastructure, and another marker of how much more advanced than other antivirus Norton is - most of its competitors couldn't dream of such a force. 

Those should be some fairly compelling reasons to consider Norton ahead of the game on the antivirus front, but the proof, as always, is in the pudding. The best way to get a sense for how these features work, and work together, is to download the all-inclusive Norton 360 package to try them out and see how much more confidently you can enjoy the web.