(Pocket-lint) - It seems like everybody is having Zoom meetings these days, but the main reason for using the app is still business meetings. The problem is that you often need to take notes from meetings - but what if you could live transcribe a Zoom? 

Well now you can. 

It's thanks to transcription service Otter.ai, although to transcribe live you will need a paid-for Otter.ai account rather than the free one and you'll also need a paid-for Zoom plan (Zoom Pro is fine).

You can still transcribe after the meeting using Otter.ai's Zoom Sync feature. You don't need a paid Otter.ai plan for that, you'll just need to register. You will still need a Zoom Pro or higher account though.

You need to set this all up before the meeting. 

How to set up Live Video Meeting Notes for Zoom

Zoom administrator (this is usually you, but probably IT if you have a corporate account)

1. Pre-approve Otter in Zoom Marketplace
2. Enable live streaming in Zoom

Zoom meeting hosts then need to:

1. Enable live streaming in Zoom
2. Connect Otter to Zoom

There are detailed instructions available from Otter.ai

How to transcribe Zoom meetings afterwards

This means your Zoom cloud recordings will be automatically transcribed after a meeting.

You need to do the Zoom administrator steps as described above. And then you need to do the following: 

3. Enable downloading of Recording (Personal)
4. Connect Otter to Zoom

Writing by Dan Grabham.