(Pocket-lint) - WhatsApp has become the backbone of many a social group that we're part of - its group chats are an essential part of how we keep up with friends and family, and we know we're not alone in that.

It's a superb little social network, and a great way to call and message people you know, but we're also sure that if you've been using WhatsApp for any period of time you've probably experienced one of its downsides, too. When you move phones, although you can easily log into your account again, you lose the chat and media history from your old phone, resetting you to blank chats.

That can be pretty gut-wrenching, robbing you of potentially years of in-jokes with mates, valued conversations with friends and family, and more, so it can often be a real shame. What many people don't realise, though, iss that there are ways to ensure that you don't lose everything in the transition.

For example, there's MobileTrans, a brilliant one-stop shop when it comes to transferring secure data from between your mobile phones. It's got a really wide range of possible functions, from backing up to restoring old data, making sure that your smartphone doesn't just disappear if you lose it or upgrade away from it. That said, when it comes to WhatsApp MobileTrans's killer app is the ability to transfer your WhatsApp data to a new phone, which is a gamechanger if you're looking to move to a new handset. 


How to transfer WhatsApp data from an iPhone to an Android

Say, for example, that for a long time you've been an absolute Apple devotee - we've got a few of those, here at Pocket-lint! If you're really used to using an iPhone, and have had the same handset for a few years, you've probably got dozens of chats set up on WhatsApp, with potentially thousands of stored messages that you can look through when you need them.

If, though, you decide that you've had enough of the iOS lifestyle, and want to finally try some of that Android freedom, you might worry that you'll lose your chat histories as part of the swap, which could make you hesitate over whether it's worth it at all.


With MobileTrans, though, you don't need to be concerned - you can easily transfer all of your data before you abandon that old handset, making sure that you don't lose any valued memories or important details. It's as simple as downloading MobileTrans onto your computer, connecting your two devices, and selecting "transfer WhatsApp messages" on the software. 

Once the process is complete, hey presto! You've got all your data. If you want a bit more detail on how this works, though, MobileTrans's creator Wondershare has written a great guide here.

Best of all, right now Wondershare is running a superb promotion on the WhatsApp transfer section of MobileTrans's features, discounting its price by 40% - that makes it just $19.16. To get this price, use the code SENMG2 when you check out here