Best Zoom backgrounds: Fun virtual backgrounds for Zoom meetings

A Trekkies delight. Now you dial into Zoom meetings from the deck of your own star ship. (image credit: @sjohnhist)
Establish a presence and set the tone for your meetings with a Godzilla themed backdrop. (image credit: Legendary Pictures)
You're now a fighter ace. What better way to say you're awesome than with a backdrop from Top Gun: Maverick? (image credit: Top Gun: Maverick)
Break the rules by conducting business on continental grounds. (image credit: John Wick 3: Parabellum)
Show your passion for Animal Crossing with this instantly recognisable backdrop. (image credit: @ScottAHReed)
The characters in The Office spent most of their workdays talking to cameras. Now, you're basically doing the same thing, but with Zoom.  (image credit: @feralcreachre)
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. (image credit: @feralcreachre)
If your house is an utter shambles, this might be the backdrop for you. (image credit: @paigefinnn)
Alas there's no burger of the day on offer, but a virtual trip to Bob's Burgers would still be great. (image credit: Fox)
Let your co-workers know you'd much rather be playing Minecraft than working. (image credit: @feralcreachre)
This one seems apt for the way the last couple of years have been going. (image credit: @feralcreachre)
Meme your way through your next Zoom meeting with this classic. (image credit: @feralcreachre)
A warm and homely setting from Pixar's Up. (image credit: Disney/Pixar)
Can't get enough Disney princess settings? This one is for you. (image credit: Disney)
Fake your own moon landing with this simple Zoom background. (image credit: @feralcreachre)
A pretty bad-ass backdrop courtesy of the blockbuster murder-mystery Knives Out. (image credit: Knives Out)
Another one Trekkies will love, this shot is from Star Trek: Picard. (image credit: Star Trek/CBS)
Is there anything more British? (image credit: @YorkshireTea)
Schitt's Creek might be at an end but it can live on through your Zoom calls (image credit: @SchittsCreek)
The unmistakable view of the famous cartoon living room is bound to please your captive audience. (image credit: Fox)
Is your meeting full of bugs? (image credit: CD PROJEKT RED)
Show off your gamer side with this awesome view from Kingdom Come: Deliverance. (image credit: Warhorse Studios/Zygerboy)
Not a fancy of The Simpsons? Try another famous living room out for size. (image credit: Fox)
If fine art is more your thing, then turn to Getty’s Open Content program. (image credit: Vincent van Gogh/ J. Paul Getty Museum)
More memes. (image credit: Reddit)