It's like a horror story for anyone who relies on data storage in any capacity - double clicking on a folder and finding it corrupted, or losing it entirely. 

If you're a photographer, that could be your livelihood. If you're a writer, the same could be true. Frankly, no matter what your calling, even if you're just a normal user who's got personal files on their computer, losing files can be devastating, basically. That's why there is a range of apps and programmes out there in the wild to help you get your files back, whether they're corrupted or deleted. 

One of the best around is the data recovery software from EaseUS, but you might wonder just what the programme can actually do. We thought we'd run you through some of the features of EaseUS, so that you can judge whether it would be the right choice for you - if it is, Pocket-lint readers can get 50% off by clicking right here.


1. Lost Data Recovery

Let's be honest - for most of us, losing files often comes down to one thing: pressing 'delete' by accident, or emptying the Recycle Bin without thinking about it. EaseUS knows this perfectly well - luckily, its data recovery software perfectly supports deleted data recovery in such situations.

That means that your mistakes don't have to haunt you, and you can generally get your data back quickly and easily in those situations and has great instructions on how to go about doing this. The most important first step, though, is to stop using the computer and initiate recovery as soon as you can, to make sure the data isn't written over.  

2. Storage Media Recovery

Another traumatising potential issue that many of us have faced at various points is the corruption or breakage of external storage drives. This sort of thing is particularly frustrating since it can feel like you're being punished for your diligence in creating backups separate to your device. 

With the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, though, there's a high chance that you'll be able to retrieve files from a seemingly-dead internal or external HDD, USB drive, SD card, digital camera, video player, or any other supported device. That's a bit like having a safety net under your storage devices, which is the sort of reassurance we really love. 


3. Formatted File Recovery

Sometimes, though, you might realise you've messed up after an even more permanent process than deletion - actually formatting a disk is the sort of process that requires you to click 'OK' on multiple warning messages about the loss of your data once you proceed. That can still sometimes not be enough to remind us that a key file is on the disk.

Luckily, though, the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a long-proven solution to recover data from a formatted partition, hard drive, USB drive, memory card, and other storage devices. It'll get done in three easy steps: choose the drive to scan, preview and then recover any viable data.

4. Advanced scanning

Part of what makes EaseUS's system so powerful comes down to its scanning of your drives - EaseUS is always working to further optimise its algorithm, which has two scanning modes for you to use. A Quick Scan takes less time, as you'd imagine, while Deep Scan will go into an extremely detailed, and therefore slower, scan of the drive. 

What's great is that even as the scan progresses you can recover files it finds, while it continues to look elsewhere. That means you're not tied down waiting for the entire scan to finish. You can also filter it by file type, and use tags to search for particular files. 


5. Photo & Video Repair

One of the most impressive services that EaseUS's wizard offers is one that you wouldn't normally associate with a file recovery system like this - it can actually repair damaged photo and video files. There are loads of apps that'll charge you just for that, let along throwing it in alongside a detailed recovery system, making it a great bit of added value. 

It'll restore JPEG files automatically as it recovers them, but you can also directly connect your camera to your computer if it's housing damaged files, to repair them seamlessly. 

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