(Pocket-lint) - Polish artist Jakub Rozalski, also known as Mr Werewolf, has a brilliant talent for reimagining early decades of the 1900s with steampunk stylings.

This artist has lovingly crafted a captivating collection of artwork loosely rooted in 1920's Eastern Europe where the landscape has been overrun by fantastic beasts, mechanised monstrosities and all manner of wonders. 

These works are available to view on his website, Instagram account and Facebook page. They've also been released in the form of hardback book and even as Displates

We've collected a sample of some of the most interesting for your viewing pleasure. Come with us on a journey through time into an alternate, sometimes terrifying, sometimes enthralling reality.


Jakub Rozalski

Mech on the field

There's a lot to like about this alternate vision of the past. Victorious troops (and their bear) stand proudly over their mech kill while a photographer readies to capture the vision for the history books.

We enjoy the idea that in a world where massive hulking machines are able to wander the land, seemingly ancient camera technology is all this reality can muster. Perhaps more importance is put on attacking capabilities than photography. 

Jakub Rozalski

A walk through the woods

In this painting, we see another vision of Gunter and Nacht taking a casual stroll through the woods. A menacing tank on stilts stands in the background.

This image is also part of a series of paintings designed as concept art for a game by the name of Iron Harvest. This game is set in an alternate reality of 1920+, just after the end of the Great War and is seemingly Jakub Rozalski's vision come to life. 

Jakub Rozalski

Iron Fields

Jakub Rozalski's art not only plays a part in the RTS video game, but also appeared as the theme of Scythe - a board game from 2016 that started life on Kickstarter before capturing the hearts and minds of gamers worldwide.

This game is set in the alternate 1920s era with war, farming and massive mechs playing their part. 

Jakub Rozalski

Before the storm

Everyone needs to eat. Even as the battle unfolds, workers are busying themselves in the fields ensuring that life is able to continue on as normal.

We like how the artist has used light here to both highlight the scene and add an extra menace to the marching mechs. 

Jakub Rozalski

Breakfast is coming

In a wonderfully rural landscape, a Polanian crew can be seen repairing their damaged PZM-7 mech while a woman brings them something to eat. Again, cow casually go about their business, unphased by the sounds and sights of war that have become so commonplace. 

Jakub Rozalski

Emergency landing

A young lad looks on as an enormous airship makes an emergency landing on the outskirts of an industrial town.

Again there's plenty of detail for the viewer to enjoy, including the appearance of another bear in the background and a blur of urgent movement from the hulking vessel. 

Jakub Rozalski

Far from the frontline

A mech and its pilot are seen taking a well-earned rest far from the front line. The grazing sheep remarkably unfazed by the menacing machine.

This painting apparently shows a mech known as Pz. Kpfm. IV Vielfraß - a machine set to appear in the Iron Harvest game in the near future. 

Jakub Rozalski

Guest from the west

This painting is another of Jakub Rozalski's more interesting images, not necessarily for the content of the image but for the thought that went into it.

We also get to see the process of painting in action, thanks to the creation of an accompanying timelapse video created using ProCreate

Jakub Rozalski

Iron Harvest

This painting is another one of Jakub Rozalski's works used as inspiration for the Iron Harvest strategy game.

The apparently fearless soldier, Anna, seen in the foreground here is set to be one of the game's main characters and an important part of the 1920+ universe. 

Jakub Rozalski

Take your dog for a walk

Generally speaking, taking your dog for a walk is either a pleasure or a chore depending on how much free time you have and the state of the weather. But in a world where the landscape has been burned by an angry airship, it's certainly a foreboding journey. 

This painting shows off Gunter and his companion Nacht - a dire wolf who are perplexed by the sight of their favourite forest destroyed by fire. With each of these images, Mr Werewolf gives us a taste of the dangerous world he has created. He also shows off the thoughts behind his art with extra frames (viewable on his site) showing the steps of behind each creation. 

Jakub Rozalski

Long time no see

This painting has a caption that suggests it's a more "positive" atmosphere. Which at first glance is hard to see when it looks like the woman in the foreground has one hand up in surrender and an angry-looking bot stands in the background wielding some serious firepower.

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Closer inspection though, shows a lady and a child flying a kite and the soldier appears to be waving a bunch of flowers at the lady who is probably waving back. These images conjure up all sorts of curious feelings. Is this an invading army or a defending force? 

Jakub Rozalski

Wind gambit

This artwork is another sample from the Scythe board game a shows an impressive ship inexplicably defying gravity and the laws of psychics as it gracefully floats through the air.

This wonderfully contrasting scene also shows a lady in a smart white dress waving at the people on board as it passes by. The giant guns on the deck meanwhile pointed in her direction. 

Jakub Rozalski


As the winter begins to melt away, some calm and fearless cows casually chew the grass below their feet as a mechanised battle unfolds around them.

These large and menacing machines are fortunately not a reality, but it's not too hard to imagine that they could have been. Especially when you consider the size and scale of the concept tanks Nazi Germany was constructing during the end of the Second World War. 

Jakub Rozalski

It's time to go back home

As you might have gathered already, both wolves and mechs feature heavily in Mr Werewolf's works. In this snow ridden landscape, it seems that people value having four-legged companions to help ease their misery. 

Jakub Rozalski

Anna and the mechs

Iron Harvest's Anna makes an appearance again, this time with her comrades and some seriously menacing mechs in the background. These soldiers are no doubt fed up with the mud and weary from war. 

Jakub's works conjure up fascinating and vivid views of fictional landscapes which help us get lost in imaging what life must be like for these people. How terrifying would it be to be on the receiving end of the wrath of one of those mechs for example. 

Jakub Rozalski

Mechs and cows

Some of the images are impressive not just for their content but also what went into them. Jakub says that this sketch of some Soviet mechs in a field took just 30 mins to produce. 

We wouldn't even know where to get started creating this, nevermind producing it in such a short time. 

We love the cows casually going about their business in this field while the mechs stand nearby. As if it's all perfectly normal. Nothing to see here. 

Jakub Rozalski

Battle before the battle

The final painting in our collection is another vision being used for the upcoming Iron Harvest game. In the freezing snows of winter, some soldiers can be seen having a snowball fight while others ready for battle. Another bear makes an appearance for the fun and frolics too. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.